Servetel Support– Zoho integration with Servetel enables you to efficiently setup the Zoho CRM with your Servetel account that avails you following access:

• While receiving an incoming call or initiating a call from Servetel, you are availed with the benefit to view the business card of the contact.

• All the call logs of your Servetel’s incoming/outgoing calls are created in Zoho CRM.

• Follow- up activities can also be added at the end of every call from Zoho CRM.

Please contact support at: 1800-11-3333 for further assistance.

Step1: Authorize Servetel

1. Login to your Servetel account.

Step 2: Configuring Servetel with Zoho CRM

1. Enable Zoho CRM integration.
• Click on Enable Zoho CRM.

• Select the agent from the drop-down list and click on Integrate Zohobridge.

Step 3: Authorizing Zoho CRM Account

1. Next step navigates you to Zoho CRM login page where you need to enter your Zoho CRM login credentials and login to your Zoho CRM account.

2. Once you login, authenticate Servetel with Zoho CRM by clicking on Accept.

3. It prompts a success screen.

4. Click on Go to Zoho CRM to further explore the Zoho CRM services with Servetel.

Exploring Servetel Integration with Zoho CRM

Incoming Calls

1. Once you receive an incoming call from Servetel, a business card view of the contact is visible on the Zoho CRM.

2. Once the phone call is received, you may view the call’s details along with the business card.

3. After the phone call is disconnected, the follow-up options on the call ended window allow you to add event, task and call back on the same number.

Call Logs

1. You may also view call logs by clicking on Activities.

2. Logs window displays all the inbound and outbound call details.