Why Choose Servetel?

why choose servetel

The past decade has witnessed many technological advancements, and cloud solutions have been the most significant influencer of this change. The paradigm shift brought by cloud computing has now started capping every industry solution.

To leverage the power of this emerging technology telephony industry started drilling into the number of ways cloud can help streamline the business conversation by unifying the different component of the business over one telephony platform. In fact, according to the forecast mentioned in Forbes, cloud computing is expected to grow at better than 6 times the rate of IT spending from 2015 to 2020.

Understanding this need of the hour in the business industry, Servetel created a variety of cloud telephony solutions to facilitate a smooth customer experience and reduce the communication lags faced by the businesses. Following a customer-oriented approach, our focus lies in fulfilling customers’ personalised business needs within their affordable range.

How Servetel Benefits Your Business?

Our products such as IVR System, Virtual Number, Toll-Free Number, Bulk SMS, Voice Broadcast, Click to Call, and Missed Call Service ensures you get a solution for your various business needs. Let’s understand how these solutions help in boosting your business productivity, profitability and peace of mind.

1. 24×7 Customer Support

Any issue in cloud telephony channels can bring the business communication to a halt. For any such case, we provide you 24*7 on the call assistance from our in-house experts as we understand that running a business is an unpredictable affair. Our round the clock available agents ensure to solve your queries within the minimum time frame. You can reach out to our agents at any time through call chats or emails.

2. Affordable

With 24*7 smartphones in their hands, approachability is no more an issue of concern for customers. As a result, you receive a large number of calls every day. With such a high rate of inbound and outbound calls, every business looks for a highly affordable and low-cost plan that comes into their budget without compromising the call quality.

Thus, understanding these business concerns, Servetel created highly competitive pricing structure with pricing as low as ₹999. Moreover, our flexibility to customise plans as per different business requirements and budget makes us a highly go-to option for the business owners.

3. Integration

To cater your various advanced business needs, we provide integration flexibilities into our IVR. You can easily integrate your IVR with different CRM applications such as Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk or with industry-specific management solution like Hotel Management System, Education Management System, and many more.

4. Security and Reliability

The primary area of concern with cloud services is the security and reliability of the data transmitted through the cloud. At Servetel, we are delivering enterprise-level security with the implementation of Cisco firewall, MD5 Encrypted Passwords, and SSL 128-bit encryption in the Tier-4 data centers.

5. Customized Solutions

Every business is different, and so is its functional requirement. Thus, we make sure to cater every need through our solutions. Create a call routing structure as per your need, add calling options, personalise your voice receptionist in different languages, or add any other customisation fulfilling your business needs. We give you the flexibility to implement changes as per your business demands.

6. Call Analytics

You receive countless calls daily, so utilise it to the fullest by performing detailed analysis and understanding the pattern of your customers’ expectations. We provide you with an admin portal that contains a comprehensive dashboard and other reports to analyse calls along with their timestamp, call duration, frequency and many other important details to help you examine in detail.

With Servetel’s android app, we make sure you do not miss on any real-time notifications. Access these comprehensive dashboards on-the-go over your mobile phone and remain self-updated with your processes.

7. Call Monitoring

A business owner needs to remain updated with its on-going operations and so staying updated with the real-time activities becomes a necessity. With Servetel’s admin portal, you can monitor all your on-going calls and stay informed of all the agent’s activities.

Call monitoring keeps you grounded of the customer expectations and aware you of the on-field problems regularly faced by your agents. With the call barging feature, we provide you with the flexibility of jumping into the live call and help your agents with the customer queries.

If you do not want to disturb the customer in the call, you can leverage the call whispering feature and silently listen to the call and talk to the agent if needed without letting the customer know. Apart from smoothening your call monitoring process, these features help you to revitalise your passive operations with your on-the-go assistance.

Interested in availing our services?

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