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What is IVR Blasting?

ivr blasting features

IVR blasting refers to a combination of IVR service and call blast. It is a very strong communication tool that allows pre-recorded voice messages to be automatically broadcasted to various groups. For example, when customers receive calls from their mobile operators to promote various ongoing schemes and offers, they interact with a computerised voice which is an IVR recording. Moreover, the calls are concomitantly blasted to the consumers.

This technology allows you to capture and store the response from targeted customers. It is specially designed for new businesses to help them excel and spread communication efficaciously.

This technology is perfect for increasing efficiency and maximising reach. Besides existing businesses and startups, IVR blast, which is also known as voice broadcasting is also utilised by community groups, corporations, and government organisations. This article discusses the numerous advantages and features of Voice broadcasting and expounds how it can benefit a business in the long run.

Why Opt For IVR Blast

Due to the innumerable advantages offered by IVR blast, this technology is being widely incorporated by the businesses. This technology helps your company maximise its reach in one go. You can effectively deliver secure broadcasting campaigns with IVR blast. Most essentially, with cloud-hosted IVR campaign, the campaign process becomes economical. You do not need any infrastructural setup to get started with the campaign. Additionally, multiple add-ons such as text-to-speech, predefined message templates adds value to the whole broadcasting process. And to maximise the utility of the broadcasting process, you can also take benefit of the real-time tracking reports.

Applications of IVR blast range from simple promotional broadcasts to payment reminders and more. And on-demand scalability, automated call retries, and DNC checks help you increase campaign scope by optimising the overall success rate.

What Are The Various Features Of IVR Blasting

Besides enhancing efficacy and cutting down on unnecessary expenses, it can help an enterprise reach height in a shorter time frame. Businesses from various industries have been using voice broadcasting services. for Here are some of the most notable and significant features of cloud-hosted IVR blasting service.

1. Efficient Campaign Scheduling

IVR blasting service allows you to customise your campaigns as per your business requirements. Businesses can schedule the campaign for any time of the day as per their target audience. This effective campaign scheduling maximises the reach of the broadcast by reaching the audience at the right time.

2. Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously

Best thing about IVR blasting is that it allows businesses to run a number of campaigns simultaneously. You can efficiently operate and monitor various voice broadcasting campaigns on a single dashboard. Lastly, IVR blast indeed gives a significant boost to efficiency and improves the overall performance of a business.

3. DNC List Check

Voice broadcasting comes with the facility of DNC list check. In-built DNC check helps to filter the uninterested audience. While uploads the data into the broadcasting portal, the DNC check is automatically applied. This automatic check eliminates the need of manually filtering the data which is a great relief for the campaign managers.

4. Automatic Email Reports

One of the most notable features of IVR blast is automatic email reports. With this feature, you can automatically send daily campaign updates to the members of your team via email.

5. Text-to-speech

IVR blast comes with another significant feature known as text-to-speech. With this excellent feature, you can easily convert your text into an audio message. All you have to do is type the text and click the “convert” button. In-built TTS integration makes this whole process a lot smoother.

6. Pay-as-you-use

While using cloud-hosted IVR blasting service, you get to take your pick from a wide range of plans which are in accordance with your business requirements. Moreover, with the pay-as-you-use method, you only get to pay for the call & minutes which are answered by the customers. If the calls remain unanswered, you do not have to pay the charges for the same.

7. Infinite Scalibility

When it comes to IVR blasting, there is nothing like limited scalability.  You can make use of the scalable infrastructure and flexible pricing plans to enhance your campaign reach at any point in time.

8. Round The Clock Customer Support

Voice broadcast service providers like Servetel delivers round the clock assistance to their customers. This ensures that no customer has to wait to get their queries resolved.  You can also connect with our product experts over email, call or chat at any time of the day.

9. Real-time Analytics

Real-time call analytics is an amazing feature which allows you to monitor a number of live campaigns with a user-friendly dashboard and real-time reports concurrently. Hence, this undoubtedly gives a significant boost to the efficacy and performance of your campaign.

10. No Infrastructure Setup

If you do not have the capital to set up an infrastructure, cloud-hosted IVR blasting can be quite useful. You can substitute the intricate infrastructural setup with your Servetel’s web portal. A stable internet connection is all you need to fulfill your requirements.

Final Words

Apart from minimising business costs, it helps to provide customers with quick and professional responses. This top-notch technology offers efficacious solutions for unique problems. Last but not least, it is inordinately efficient and budget-friendly at the same time. 

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