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Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Solution for Education Industry

voice broadcasting for education industry

Voice calls play a crucial role in various sectors like education, e-commerce, healthcare, business, politics, and more. It is one of the best ways to communicate with your audience and broadcast your message.

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that broadcasts your message over the phone to thousands of call recipients at a single time. While using a voice broadcasting service, more than the duration of the call, the quality of the message being broadcasted matters. This ensures your message reaches the targeted audience and captures their attention.

Voice broadcasting can be used by different sectors for business and promotional activities. It has both commercials as well as community applications. On the other hand, it can also be used by the government authorities to notify the public in times of national emergencies.

Advanced voice broadcasting solution is compatible with all kinds of business across various sectors, and the education industry is no exception. It is interesting to know how voice broadcasting solution can benefit the education sector of society.

Going by statistics, the smart education and learning market size is expected to grow from USD 193.24 billion in 2016 to USD 586.04 billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.84%.

Educational institutions are moving towards advanced methods of communication and assessment through voice broadcasting. They are adopting it to circulate relevant information like disclosure of exam dates, updates about events, fee reminders, and more.

Before getting into the detail of the utilities, features, and benefits of the voice broadcasting solution, it is essential to understand how this solution works.

  • Create a campaign and follow few simple steps with the required details.
  • You can record the information you want to convey, in the form of a voice message and upload the recorded message. In case, you want to convert your written note in the form of a voice clip; you can use text-to-speech software.
  • Once you have recorded the voice message, you need to upload the contact numbers.

1. Run Admission Campaigns

You can run various admission campaigns at the start of the academic session through voice broadcasting. It helps you advertise your institute as well as promote the admissions. Voice broadcasting allows you to assign different virtual numbers for every marketing campaign and efficiently track the responses.

For instance, you are running an admission campaign for your college, and you want to promote the admissions at your campus. Voice broadcasting service helps you with this and saves you from the hassle of personally calling the concerned person. You can broadcast your pre-recorded message, and once the receiver attends the call, the pre-recorded message is proclaimed.

It also allows you to get feedback from the concerned person at the end of the call by prompting the customer’s response. Hence, you can quickly collect the data regarding the number of people interested in your admission campaign.

2. Communicate with parents

Voice broadcasting is considered one of the most inventive methods for educational institutions to connect with parents anytime, be it schools or colleges. It acts as a platform for the teachers to communicate with the parents and vice-versa.

Voice broadcasting notifies the parents about the absence of their ward on school premises, reminds them of a school trip, PTA meetings, sends holiday greetings and also endorses about star performers.

3. Broadcast Results

Gone are the days when the results were published in the newspaper or on the school notice board. Moreover, nowadays students need not panic for the slow internet connection or colossal traffic on the website.

Broadcasting of results has got easier through voice broadcasting. You only need to provide the details of the students and upload the results, and it will get aired to the marked students through a phone call.

4. Connect With Students

Voice broadcasting offers a more competitive approach to deliver school notification than email or phone call. It can send holiday announcement caused due to bad weather or other notifications for unexpected events. Voice broadcasting also makes it easier for teachers to convey information regarding extra classes or other extra-curricular activities.

The administration can also organise polling within the campus for political campaigns in the college. Voting can be efficiently delivered with the help of interactive voice broadcasting. The administration can take feedback from the students regarding the work of the candidate once they are elected.

5. Run Social Welfare Campaigns

Being a part of the education industry, you need to run various social campaigns like anti-ragging, women safety cell, etc. You may assign a different virtual number to each of these campaigns. With voice broadcasting, you can make students aware of the drives running in your educational institution. As a result, students can contact you regarding the problem they have been facing without giving their identity.

Above mentioned are few of the many perks that you get when you invest in voice broadcasting solution for the smooth functio                                           ning of your institute.

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