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Voice Assistants and Vanity Phone Numbers: A Brilliant Combination


Consumers today have high expectations regarding their experiences with brands. Whether it is about getting quality products or reliable customer support, they will settle for nothing but the best. 

When it comes to connecting with businesses, voice technology has emerged as a real game-changer. The growing popularity of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri says all about the massive shift towards hands-free experiences.

According to a study by Google, 72% of people having voice-activated speakers admit that they use them as part of their daily routines. 41% also say it feels like talking to a real person. So businesses cannot ignore voice search while strategising their marketing and customer support operations. Even as they invest in something as novel as vanity phone numbers, they need to make sure that these numbers are searchable via voice. 

Before delving deeper into how voice assistants can elevate the potential of a vanity phone numberboth for businesses and consumersyou need to understand the role and value of these numbers. Let us explain all about vanity numbers, how businesses can get them, how they work, and the benefits they deliver.

A brief about vanity phone numbers 

A vanity phone number is a special type of personalised number that includes alphabets in the business phone number. Let’s say you have a flower shop, your vanity business number will be 1800-FLOWER. These alphabets represent numbers on the keypad, but instead of the actual number, they are much easier to remember for the customers and also give an identity to your business. 

For a business, vanity numbers make a good investment because they serve as a branding tool. It is easy to pick one that matches the website URL as it brings consistency to the marketing presence of the brand. 

Furthermore, organisations can expect more leads when people are able to remember and recall their contact numbers easily. It is easy to convert these leads as they perceive brands as professionals. Vanity numbers go the extra mile with their recall value too. Customers are likely to remember them and return for more if they are happy with their first experience. 

How to dial a vanity phone number? 

Since a vanity phone number comprises an alpha-numeric combination, first-time callers may get confused about dialing it. However, the process is simpler than you may think. The dial pad of a telephone or mobile phone has three letters printed below the numbers (2-9).

To dial a vanity number, one has to process the corresponding keys letter by letter. For example, you will have to type 1 800 356937 to dial 1-800-FLOWER. 

Since FLOWER is far easier to remember and recall than the corresponding number, it makes an excellent option for businesses looking to stay connected with time-pressed callers. The number becomes effortlessly memorable, and callers can connect and reconnect with the business without much work, whenever they want to. 

Even as remembering vanity numbers is easy, the length may be a factor that dissuades callers from calling it. They may seek an alternative route to connect or even give up the idea altogether. 

Thankfully, voice assistants can emerge as saviors as they can dial the vanity phone number for the caller with just a voice command, rather than having to key in the entire number.

How can voice assistants make dialing vanity numbers easier? 

Voice assistants do everyday tasks for the users by speaking a commandfrom playing their favourite music to controlling the temperature, giving weather updates, or calling their contacts. They can be very helpful for dialing vanity numbers because dialing manually can often be a lot of work. Callers find it hard to keep track of the numbers printed inline, which increases the chances of errors or even causes frustration. 

The complexity of the task defeats the simplicity that these numbers serve. Moreover, distracted callers prefer to use an alternative method rather than paying attention to the numbers and alphabets on a small dial pad. 

One cannot imagine doing it while driving or working on something, even when at home or in the office. While the situation is complicated for the caller, it translates into missed opportunities for the business.

Voice assistant resolves this concern as the user only has to say “Alexa/Siri, call 1800-FLOWER”, and it will automatically connect them with the business. The simplicity of the number is a boon in itself, while just having to speak rather dial takes the experience a notch higher.

Voice assistants & vanity phone numbers—from the business perspective 

Voice assistants and vanity phone numbers make a great combination for callers. They also serve immense potential for businesses. When it comes to lead generation, it scores over other advertising strategies such as the company’s website URL, generic phone number, brand tagline, and contact information of the business. 

An unforgettable phone number is the best marketing tool. Coupled with the accessibility by voice commands, it can become a powerful branding tool for a business. Needless to say, it creates a positive impression of the brand. Having a seasoned customer service executive at their end to interact with the customer secures them for the long haul.

The takeaway

Although voice technology is complicated, the good news is that it makes life simple. All voice assistants are capable of dialing phone numbers, so they make it easier for customers to connect with businesses with minimal effort. It is an opportunity that businesses should not miss as vanity phone numbers take them a step closer to existing and potential customers. 

At Servetel, we offer reliable vanity phone number solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. You can collaborate with us to avail of these services and get a winning advantage for your business. Connect with one of our experts today at 1800-120-4132.