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Top Toll-Free Number Features Every Business Owner Must Know

toll free number features

How to wisely channelise your investment in order to yield a maximum profit – is one the important questions every business owner is constantly surrounded with. Investing in business communication solutions has now become a vital deciding factor in crafting business strategies.

In fact, going by statistics, the count of active mobile connections has reached 1.012 billion by January 2018, giving all the business owners a clear indication to revamp their communication strategies and align their plan to reach out this ever-growing counts of the mobile audience.

Now the big question arises:

Is it worth investing in toll-free or other communication modes?  Moreover, if one invests their spending, then what are the features/services that can help in accelerating a  business growth?

Cloud telephony solutions like toll-free numbers have already proved to be beneficial for various businesses with different investment capacities. ROI involved in toll-free services makes it the most promising option among the customers and business owners.

Let’s understand in detail how toll-free features can uplift your business growth:

1. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

First and the most essential feature of toll-free service is IVR system. It gives users a facility to connect with the company for quick interaction with pre-recorded messages without needing any human interference. All the incoming calls are attended by the auto-respondent which automatically answers the calls with a pre-recorded voice message. This automatizes the whole calling experience and eliminates scope of human intervention till a particular time frame.

2. Variety of Number Pattern

Depending on your business priorities you can also choose the most suitable toll-free number from a large pool of numbers available with service providers. These different patterns are congruous to a company’s budget and facilities they wish to exploit. These different patterns are as follows:

  • Distinctive Numbers: Here all the toll free number patterns are different and do not follow a set format, such as “1800-23-9812” *. These patterns are generally difficult to memorise and are readily available with the service providers.
  • Repetitive Patterns: These numbers follow a specific pattern like “1800-11-8181” *. Due to the repetitive pattern of numbers, it becomes easy to memorise and leave a long-lasting impression on your customer’s The cost of these numbers may vary from vendor to vendor.
  • Vanity Numbers: These are the costliest of the all the toll free patterns available. These high-priced numbers are easy to memorise due to its differently special number pattern. If you are floweriest and want to opt for a toll-free number, then vanity number like 1-800-FLOWERS is the best-suited option for you.

3. Call Recording

With thousands of calls being attended every day, it is not practically viable to make notes in between the call or remember every critical point. One can record the call and note down the necessary action points afterwards.

This toll free number feature also to keep in the store the history of customer conversations which can further be analysed to keep a check on the quality of the processes and understand the customer expectations in the real-time scenario.

4. Call Routing

Call routing is a life saver– as it ensures to route the call to a pre-designated number in case of any missed call or agent unavailability. One can define a routing structure and rules for every number; this helps in eliminating any chances of losing an urgent business call and makes sure unavailability of one person doesn’t affect your business. There are 6 call routing techniques that you can use for your business.

It is not feasible for an agent to be available 24*7, so to ensure agent’s peace of mind is not compromised – one can also schedule the timing of activating your call routing. For instance – if an agent follows a 9-5 work hour; then to ensure all the incoming calls after 5 gets attended – one can simply redirect all the incoming calls to the colleagues by activating call routing and scheduling it on a predefined time.

5. Music-on-Hold Messages

Once a customer calls a business call centre, they may encounter “On-hold” music feature for few seconds. This on-hold music plays a recorded track during the call waiting time to fill in the silence before getting connected.

But, how to make sure one effectively utilises this customer attention and time for a more purposeful benefit without compromising on customer’s peace of mind.

A wise and smart option to leverage this opportunity is to replace your automatic music with voice message specifying your company updates and promotional offers. In place of an automatic music-on-hold, a business can use this time to promote their new services or any important information which through any another medium will not get the same amount of direct attention.]

6. Real-Time Reporting

One of the most valuable add-on feature toll-free number provides – is the ability to give real-time analysis. Presenting a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of all the ongoing calls on a dashboard makes the management of the whole process easier and streamlined. Further, it helps you to remain aligned with customers expectations and increases your understanding of the ground level scenarios faced every day.

These reports contain critical information such as the list of ongoing calls, a summary of the already made calls, the success rate of calls and much more. It not only eases up the decision-making process but also makes sure to keep a check on the quality of services your company provides.


With one number, one identity, your number creates a pan-India presence and helps your business to expand business reach by multiplying your potential prospects. A credible reputation established by these toll free numbers strengthens your chances over your competitors.

A company showing its ubiquity among customers and prospects is sure to be trusted in comparison to the other companies which is confined to limited customers or confined geographical areas.

These are just a few of the many toll-free features a company can utilise. Want to explore more toll-free features for your business? Call us to connect with our experts at 1800-120-4132.

Note: * The numbers used in the blog are dummy examples and do not endorse any organisation or business.

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