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How Toll Free Numbers will be a Game Changer for Startups in 2020

toll free number for startups

Connectivity with your customers is something that matters the most for businesses. It is all the more important for startups that are just at the initial stages of forging the bond with the customers. In a competitive business landscape, where brands are making every effort to stand apart, every entity needs to focus on being available to the customers. Availability greatly depends on the channels that you use to connect with the audience and this is where thinking out-of-the-box helps.

Innovation is the key when it comes to finding new avenues and channels for customer connectivity. As a startup, you would definitely want to explore the ones that not only boost connections but also add equity to your brand. At the same time, cost of technology is an aspect you cannot ignore, considering the budget constraints at this stage. A toll free number emerges as a smart choice for businesses that want to avail a greater reach without spending a fortune.  Let us explain how toll free numbers work before listing the benefits of adopting this tactic,.

What exactly is a toll free number?

As the name implies, a toll free number refers to a phone number that is free of cost. Simply speaking, the caller will not be charged for dialing and connecting with this number. The business, rather than the caller, pays for the cost of the call. By having this number for your new business, you give your prospective customers a free route to connect with you. Besides paying up for the calls, you will also have to invest in a technology framework to get these numbers up and running.

Essentially, toll free numbers are implemented with technologies such as IVR, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), ring groups (simultaneously ringing more than a single phone) and intelligent call routing These technologies ensure that each call is routed to the right destination and there are no missed calls as well.Considering these expenses of setup and calling, you need to justify them by listing out their benefits.

Benefits of a toll free number for a startup business

Now the big question is why should you get a toll free number for your startup in the first place? Why pay for a call which someone else is placing? Is it a worthwhile expense for a startup that would think twice before every single penny it expends? Here are the awesome best benefits of leveraging toll free numbers for your new business.

  • Enhance service delivery:

    One of the biggest reasons of the growing adoption of toll free number in India  that it empowers business with call analysis and report data. With this, you get the opportunity to understand the preferences of the target audience and can align your services accordingly. Further, you get the option for localization and routing preferences for better interaction with specific audience.

  • Build customer relationships:

    As these numbers enable a business to connect and get up close with the customers instantly, they have the potential to strengthen their relationships. And the fact that the customers have to spend nothing while using a toll free number makes it even more enticing to the customers. You can, therefore, use it to capture valuable feedback, improve offerings based on collective feedback, and secure better business outcomes in the long run.

  • Drive customer retention:

    Stronger relationships obviously translate into greater retention, so you can expect the customers to come back for repeat recurring purchases. Retention is invaluable for startups because the initial stage is when you need repeat customers the most. When the customers are able to reconnect with you effortlessly, they are bound to be more satisfied and loyal towards your brand.

  • Create brand awareness:

    Another major startup challenge that a toll free number can resolve is the generation of brand awareness. This is the time when you would want the customers to know more about your business and recommend you to others as well. Free phone numbers serve as a branding initiative that can fetch significant results without extra spending and efforts. Moreover, they give you a more professional image and boost your credibility in the business landscape.

  • Boost inbound leads and sales:

    Besides toll free numbers serving as a branding tool, it also enhances your marketing initiative. It can drive inbound leads and sales for the business because people who connect on the number may actually be willing to buy your offerings. You can leverage specific toll-free numbers to manage specific campaigns on the web, billboards, print, etc. This brings an opportunity to identify the most successful campaigns and access powerful marketing analytics tools as well.

  • Have a recall value:

    New businesses often struggle with the fact that customers are less likely to recognise and recall them. You can get toll free number to address this concern too as these numbers serve as advertising tools. Look for one that is unique and somehow fits seamlessly into your business image; anything that is easy to remember and recall is also an apt choice.

  • Offer portability:

    Toll free numbers offer the benefit of portability as businesses can retain the old number for getting their business calls even if they switch to another toll free number provider. Obviously, this is something that can make all the difference because it assures that there will not be any kind of disruption in customer’s communications even if you change your location or provider.

  • Serve cost reduction:

    Toll-free numbers are cost-effective in terms of subscription rates. Besides the regular call management feature it offers, it typically also bundles up a number of other services such as message center, voicemail, disaster recovery Further, it eliminates the need for having multiple call assistants to manage the calls. Since your startup will not be dependent on human call assistants, you can reduce the training cost and time and the remuneration offered to them as well.

  • Ensure ease of setup:

    This communication service brings the benefit of easy setup as well. Your toll free number provider can have it up and running for your business without much work. Easy setup makes the service ideal for startups that look for scalable and affordable IT options which are capable of aligning with their growing needs.

  • Guarantee Enable easy management:

    Toll free numbers offer secure tracking mechanisms in addition to extensive reporting. This empowers the management to keep track of the agents and ensure that they deliver optimal performance and efficiency. Moreover, these numbers can be coupled with additional technologies such as IVR and ACD to ease the management without any loopholes.

Now is the time to get started!

Considering the extensive benefits that a toll free number offers, implementing them is the smartest move that you can make for taking your startup ahead. From something as basic as keeping you connected with your audience to something as empowering as consolidating your brand, there is much that these numbers can do. So if you are still contemplating whether you should collaborate with a provider to do implement this solution for your startup, now is the best time to get started. Look for a reliable toll free number provider like Servetel, which has rich industry experience and expertise to take you ahead.

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