Toll Free Numbers – Some Myths and Facts

Toll free Numbers - Some Myths and Facts

If you want your promising customers to reach out to you effortlessly then toll-free numbers are the best tool for you. In the contemporary scenario of business, the role of toll free numbers is equally important for business small or big. Also, a toll-free number is an assurance to get a stable increase in your customer base, as making the first communication happen between a customer and the agent is essential to put the meaningful propositions of your business in front of the customers.

If you have a toll-free number for your business, you can be sure of making the best out of the incoming calls from the customers. You just need to be well prepared. But the necessary thing is to get the very first call from the customer and initiate the business communication.

Let’s look at some myths and facts that help you understand the significance of toll free numbers for your business.

Myth: Toll free Numbers Have a Complicated Setup
Fact: It is Easy to Configure Toll free Numbers

Running a business has its own complications, and every step involved should take your business towards your customers in a much effective manner. Now while running a business, it is very much necessary to get the tools that help you to get your customers in the orbit of your business. Getting a toll-free number for your business is easy to set up and useful to the core.

Myth: Toll Free Numbers are good only for Big Businesses
Fact: Toll Free Numbers Benefit Small Businesses Too

The utilities that come with the toll free numbers are equally beneficial for the small as well as large businesses. The ideas are to give your customers a platform to contact. In the case of small or new businesses, the importance of toll free numbers increases manifolds because the customer base is in the initial phase and is growing. And it is essential to make the very first contact with the new pool of customers who can be promising ones in the future. Even a single possibility of customer’s interest in your product or service should lead them to make a communication with you and know more about the product and service.

Myth: If You Relocate Your Business You Need to Change the Number
Fact: You Can Relocate Your Business Without Changing the Number

Once you get a toll-free number for your business, you don’t need to change it if you are taking your business to some other city. This makes the expansion and relocation easy for business. So, you can carry the same toll-free number across the country without worrying about changing the contact number or missing out on your customer base.

You can pick a toll-free number that is easy to remember for your customers, and they can reach out to your business without any delay.

Myth: Toll  free Numbers Are Expensive
Fact: Toll free Numbers Are Available at Affordable Prices

A toll-free number is an unavoidable add-on to your business, and you can get a toll-free number at an affordable price. A business small or big has to take care of the economics and save money in one stake and deploy it to others.

With such affordable pricing, getting a substantial elevation in the inbound calls becomes very meaningful in the long run. Even after the sales, the post-sale services play a very significant role in making your business a success. Getting a toll-free number for your business is a token of assurance to stay in contact with your customers.

Myth: Toll-Free number comes only with 1800 prefix
Fact: Other prefixes are also available

It is a general perception in India that a number with 1800 prefix is a toll-free number. But other formats of toll free numbers are also available and can be easily acquired. So, you can pick a number of your choice according to the scheme of your business.

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Hi Vipul, I totally agree with your viewpoint how toll-free numbers helps in building the brand image of a company and also is one of the most important factors regarding retaining a customer.

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