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Toll Free Numbers – Some Myths and Facts


(Update: This blog was originally published on 17th June 2017 and was last updated on 17th June 2021 for comprehensiveness and accuracy.)

Toll free numbers serve as an incredible communication tool for any business. Companies employ these numbers to help their customers reach them. Toll free numbers encourage interactions by allowing customers to call for free, i.e. only the receiver of the call pays for the call, not the caller. 

This helps the business increase customer reach, gives the company a professional image––irrespective of their size, and encourages return calls. 

Whether you already have a toll-free number for your business or plan to invest in one now, you must know everything about them so that you can leverage the benefits to your advantage. And while these numbers can empower you, there are some prevailing myths that can derail you from getting the most out of them. 

So, let us do some myth-busting and clear up facts about toll free numbers. 

Myth: Toll free numbers have a complicated setup
Fact: It is easy to configure toll free numbers

Toll free numbers help businesses streamline their communications. The last thing a toll free number does is add more complications. The truth is that the entire configuration process for a toll free number is a breeze. 

Step 1: Connect with a reliable toll free number provider
Step 2: Your system is up and running!

A reliable toll free number provider will take care of all your needs. You don’t have to invest in complex infrastructure or worry about maintenance and upgrades. Your provider will handle everything––from start to end. Your job then is to just go ahead and enjoy the immense benefits of this communication tool, without thinking twice about the complexities of the setup. 

Myth: Toll free numbers are good only for big businesses
Fact: Toll free numbers are good for all businesses

Toll free numbers are scale-agnostic. This means that they are equally beneficial for small as well as big businesses. Additionally, their providers offer different packages for different budgets. Thus, you can use them regardless of the size and scale of your organisation. 

When it comes to small businesses, these numbers help them extend their reach and grow their clientele. They also level the playing field as small businesses find themselves at par with larger competitors simply by integrating this affordable tool into their current process.

Toll free numbers are valuable for big enterprises too as they bolster the latter’s reputation and help with customer retention in the long run. 

Myth: If you relocate your business you need to change the number
Fact: Toll free numbers travel with you, wherever you go

Relocation, in its own way, is a massive headache for organisations. Amid the move, a stable communication line is imperative for normal business functioning. And thus comes in handy one of the best features of toll free numbers––their portability. 

If you think you will need to get a new number when you relocate and convey it to your customers, rest assured that would not be the case. Even as you relocate to another city miles away from the current location, your number will continue to work. 

Safe to say, the portability feature makes toll free numbers an ideal tool for businesses that want to relocate. You only have to pick a number your customers can easily remember. Your provider then connects them without any delay, no matter where your business is based. 

Pro tip: Consider opting for a vanity number that reflects your brand. This also eases its recall for your customers. 

Myth: Toll  free numbers are expensive
Fact: Toll free numbers are available at affordable prices

One of the biggest myths surrounding toll free numbers is that they come at exorbitant rates.  

You can have toll free numbers up and running at affordable prices. More importantly, adding them to your communication strategy can be a major value-addition for your business. 

If you weigh the costs and benefits of this tool, you will realise that using a toll free number is one of the smartest investments you can make to upgrade your business communications.  

One major advantage is the substantial upsurge in inbound calls as callers prefer a no-cost connection. Eventually, you can expand your business without a massive marketing investment. These numbers also play a crucial role even after the sale by enhancing post-sale services. 

Thus, getting a toll-free number for your business is a token of assurance for your customers that you are accessible at all times and care about them, helping you earn their trust and credibility. 

Myth: Toll free number comes only with 1800 prefix
Fact: Other prefixes are also available

Since time immemorial, toll free numbers have had a 1800 prefix. And we have seen this prefix everywhere––televisions, newspapers, billboards, social media and so forth. Thus, one may assume that only 1800-numbers are classified as toll free numbers. 

However, this is no longer the case. 

Technological advancements allow businesses to opt for a vanity number that can reflect their brand well. These numbers not only enhance your marketing efforts, they also help your business stand out from the clutter of thousands of 1800 numbers.

Final Thoughts

Now that all the myths related to toll free numbers are demystified and all facts are in front of you, you will be able to see toll free numbers in a different light. All in all, toll free numbers are a valuable investment that augment customer connections, engagement, and retention for the long haul. 

Reach our to us at 1800-120-4132 and get the perfect toll-free number for your business.

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Hey, Thank you so much for clearing the air regarding the myths revolving around toll-free numbers and highlighting the benefits of toll-free numbers for a business.


Hi Vipul, I totally agree with your viewpoint how toll-free numbers helps in building the brand image of a company and also is one of the most important factors regarding retaining a customer.

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