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5 Reasons How Toll-Free Numbers Can Revitalise Your Start-up

toll free number for startups

If your start-up is providing a customer fulfilling services and yet profitability doesn’t seem to be shinning in your distant sight, it’s time to pause and think again about revitalising your start-up.

Although today’s start-up culture has pushed emerging entrepreneurs to serve our society by their innovation, in our socially supportive start-up environment, one factor which still takes the lead is – Profitability.

Providing customers with many services is one thing. But, being approachable to your customers to make them understand your services is altogether a different ball game. Till the time people are not clear about your services/products, attracting them to gain profits will always seem to be a distant dream.

To understand, let’s assume you have a start-up with a noble motive of expanding the reach of healthcare facilities to low-income groups. To achieve this, you are rolling out a low-cost blood test. This noble cause should reach up to maximum people to yield benefits and for you to monetise the profits. Let’s explore how toll-free numbers can make your business more approachable and profitable.

Toll-Free Numbers – A Step Towards Customer & Business Satisfaction

Once your low-cost blood test package is out in the market, the next step lies in effectively communicating the benefits of this package to the customers and handling the myths which might restrict people to approach your company, resulting in the slowdown of profits.

Such scenarios can indisputably be handled by Toll-free numbers. Toll free numbers incur a cost on the firm receiving the call instead of the person dialling it, and the profits yielded by the leads easily overshadow the expenditure.

If you mean to profit, learn to please. – Winston Churchill

Let’s see 5 ways in which toll free numbers generate profits:

1. Reflection of Your Brand Image

A company’s presence over offline & online channels helps in building a brand reputation in the customers’ minds in building brand reputation. And toll-free numbers majorly help to build this image in the offline strata.

Attending customer calls or resolving their queries portrays a positive image of the company whose emphasis not only lies in profit but in customer ‘s satisfaction as well.

2. Eradicating Myths Revolving Around A Service/Product

Before the launch of your product, rumors start making rounds in the ears of your competitors & customers. These rumors may feed their minds in form of myths restricting customers to approach you.

Releasing a toll-free number helps in eradicating these myths. As now customers can anytime approach you to verify the information authenticity. This also gives you an opportunity to cure wrong notions which might have burnt a hole in your profits.

3. Establishing Credibility

An emerging start-up takes time to leave imprints on customers mind. Gaining this credibility organically may take time but creating an impression through toll free number makes this process quite easy.

Toll free number not only benefits the image of the business, in fact, it contributes to establishing the credibility & the authenticity of the business as well.

4. Providing Portability

Planning to expand your business and worried about changing your numbers?

The hassle of changing your contact number is no more an over-head. Toll free numbers give you the flexibility to connect with your customers without changing the number. Irrespective of your location, you will be always approachable to customers. You can do the business migration in the backend without hampering your interaction with customers.

5. Easy to Remember

Gone are the days when long difficult numbers acted as a barrier between customers & businesses. The toll free numbers have made the communication easy by providing simple numbers.

These numbers follow a simple pattern which can easily be captured by your memory. These easy to remember numbers come in five formats, 1-800, 1-888, 1-877, 1-866 and 1-855.

Add a toll-free number to your business and provide it the needed boost. Contact us at 1800-120-4132  to get started today.