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Collection of industry practices, latest trends & innovations, product updates, case studies, and everything that concerns with cloud telephony for Indian businesses.


Empower Your B2B Sales with Cloud Telephony. Here’s How

“B2B or business-to-business buyers don’t go to work and forget what they do as humans. There’s a new normal that blurs the line between B2B and B2C. They just want

Your Phone Has Moved to Cloud. Why Not Your Business?

Your Phone Has Moved to the Cloud. Why Not Your Business?

(Update: This blog was originally published on 16th May 2017 and was last updated on 8th May 2020 for comprehensiveness and accuracy.) Communication is the backbone of every business, and the

cloud solutions for enterprise

The Holy Grail of Enterprise Communications: Cloud Telephony

Business communication, like all others, is in a transitional phase with the pandemic on its head. However, this also means that there are new opportunities for organisations looking to enhance


A Virtual Phone System and Why Freelancers Need One!

As the world continues to fight its way out of the global pandemic, one of the fastest emerging trends that many people are willing to venture into is that of

How Cloud Telephony Connects Businesses With Rural India

How Cloud Telephony Connects Businesses With Rural India

Remember a mobile network operator’s advertisement from 2008 where mobile phones became means of education in rural areas? Who knew it would turn into reality someday. Hundreds of millions of

cloud telephony and crm integration

How Cloud Telephony- CRM Integration Benefits Your Business?

Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Cloud Telephony – are two buzz words which have vastly reshaped today’s customer service industry. Replacing profit making with customer service – created an era