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Go Green with Sustainable Cloud Solutions for your Business

sustainable business with cloud telephony

Did you know that natural disasters have increased by nearly three times in the past thirty years? Reports by reinsurer MunichRe state that they covered a whopping 820 natural disaster insured losses in 2019. Scientists agree that rapid climate change has caused this dramatic increase.

increase in natural disasters
Image: Statista

Nature has long been trying to jolt humanity out of its arrogance and sheer ignorance that’s been driving this planet to the verge of extinction. As a result, global warming and climate change are no longer a phenomenon for future generations. Rather, this is a fight for the present.

Given the urgency and need for a coordinated global effort, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announced sustainable developments goals, which were adopted by all UN member nations in 2015. The 17 SDG goals aim to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability.

In collaboration with the government, businesses also need to act immediately and effectively. Infosys, one of India’s largest information technology companies, pledged towards carbon neutrality way back in 2011. Other Indian conglomerates and companies like TATA, Reliance, Mahindra, Adani, Sun Pharma, and many more, recently pledged ‘net zero emissions’ at the India CEO forum on climate change.

Understanding the need of the hour, all businesses—irrespective of their size and resources—must switch to green business practices. Through this blog, let us explore the various ways in which the inexpensive, yet powerful cloud telephony tools can help you run an environment-friendly business.

Cut down on energy-intensive infrastructure

An on-premise communication system or private branch exchange (PBX) requires a substantial amount of electricity to run. 24×7 operations further drain energy and leave behind a huge carbon footprint.

Cloud-based telephony systems eliminate the need for such energy-intensive servers and other redundant infrastructure. Furthermore, businesses can integrate their entire communication requirements through the cloud (Internet). This practice further optimises internal and external communications while eliminating the need for unnecessary hardware like landlines or telephones, complicated wiring, etc. Additionally, switching to a cloud-based telephony system reduces your company’s monthly expenses and bills significantly.

Adopt a paperless working model

Paperwork has become synonymous with most office work. However, with cloud communications, this can change. Employees can readily coordinate with each other without the need to take multiple printouts of the same document. Internal communication through paper invites or posters can be substituted through SMS campaign and outbound IVR. Therefore, you can cut down on the amount of paper and office resources you consume.

Furthermore, sensitive customer and business information can be stored on the cloud. There is no need to create backup copies and unnecessarily expend resources. Trusted cloud telephony service providers ensure timely backups and complete reliability even in times of calamities. Hence, cloud communication can turn your organisation into a truly virtual and environment-friendly entity.

Transition to eco-friendly marketing

Distributing pamphlets, putting up posters and hoardings, etc. are outdated forms of marketing and promotion. They not only end up using a tremendous amount of paper but also drain your employees’ energy and time. Resources are also wasted in constantly commuting for in-person promotions.

Cloud telephony products like voice broadcasting, bulk SMS campaigns and missed call services can substitute your company’s marketing efforts while taking it to greater heights. Voice broadcasting allows you to reach your target audience with ease. Pre-record a message, find a suitable database—and that is it. You can find new leads in a matter of minutes!

Bulk SMS provides you with the same ease as voice broadcasting but in a text format. You can personalise the messages to include the client’s name or to converse in their vernacular language for a better appeal. Bulk SMSes are a great medium to send timely updates about discounts, special offers, and more.

Missed call campaigns are primarily used to register for certain services or to show support for a cause. Customers can call a promoted number to sign-up for your newsletter or request a callback. This allows your agents to collect basic customer data like their name and number for further correspondence.

Cloud telephony products have the potential to revolutionise your marketing and promotion strategies while reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, they are more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods!

Optimise the use of hardware and resources

Businesses are highly dynamic, and hence, must employ easily scalable infrastructure for seamless operations. On-premise PBX does not facilitate the same. It requires heavy maintenance along with regular upgradation—with replacements every few years, making the old hardware and infrastructure redundant. This leads to wastage and plastic pollution. As a result, on-premise systems are highly resource-intensive and a hassle for any organisation.

Switching to a cloud-based PBX allows ready scalability with a single click. Timely server and software upgrades also take place at the end of the service provider. These features make certain that you are always equipped with the latest technology and are ready to face any fluctuation in call traffic while saving energy and money!

Reduce the use of carbon fuels and electricity

Modern office complexes require a substantial amount of energy to run. Air conditioners, servers, computers, artificial lighting, water pumps, etc. run throughout the day, leaving larger carbon footprints by the hour. Offices must encourage conservative use of said resources and opt for renewable energy wherever possible. A switch to cloud telephony will ease the transition to renewable sources with its overall lower load.  

Last year we saw businesses suddenly switch to work from home models. This year, they have an opportunity to streamline their workflow and economise the use of fossil fuels.  A hybrid-working model can help organisations increase productivity while saving resources. Businesses can leverage cloud telephony solutions for remote working solutions. The cloud helps establish secure, robust and scalable connections, and facilitates seamless communications between customers and agents.

Cloud telephony and virtual working further reduce the need for a daily commute. Hence, sparing the environment of harmful pollutants.

tools for sustainable business with cloud telephony

Summing it up!

Whether in terms of thinking or acting—putting the earth first is the need of the hour. Nature, through its violent forms, is urging us to act fast before it is too late. Cloud telephony can be your first step towards a sustainable business. Incorporating green practices in all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to retail, is a necessity. It not only helps in the long run but has proven to help build a better brand image. 

Market research claims 88% of shoppers in India prefer brands with a sustainable production chain. Moreover, companies that incorporate said practices grow 30% faster than their competitors.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to do your bit. Call our sales team at 1800-120-4132 and get a demo today!

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