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Why Should Startups Opt for Cloud Telephony at the Earliest?

Why Should Startups Opt For Cloud Telephony at the Earliest

Did you know that India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world? In fact, there were approximately 50,000 new startups in 2018 alone, and the number is on the rise. This means, around 2-3 startups pop up in the country every single day. With competition at its peak, entrepreneurs need a highly differentiated strategy to be acknowledged.

While startups are small, they often have an edge over bigger, well established businesses, with more room for innovation and greater adaptability to market dynamics.

However, spreading awareness about your establishment can be a challenge since your team is small and a new face in the market. Maintaining constant touch with the target audience will help entrepreneurs build a strong image of their business. It will also add value and make them irreplaceable in the long run.

Technology called cloud telephony is one such that ensures round-the-clock availability for your clients. The convenience offered by the Cloud is unparalleled. Businesses can rest assured that they only have to focus on their core tasks, leaving the communication responsibility to the virtual solutions.

That’s not all—there’s a lot more to cloud telephony. Let’s understand how this technology can help startups cope with the dynamism of marketplaces.

A) Total Flexibility

A lot has already been said and written about the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented consequences. The most adversely affected are businesses that failed to cope with remote working trends due to infrastructural or technological limitations.

The businesses that made it were powered by cloud telephony. It provides for every rising need, scaling operations up or down is a breeze, and you pay only for what you use. Undeniably flexible, cloud telephony services offer features which can easily be added or removed to suit your needs.

B) Hassle-Free Installation

Unlike traditional PBX boxes and bulky wires, cloud telephony is a virtual set-up and hence, does not require any heavy infrastructure—just a stable Internet connection. The online cloud storage for all essential data is quite expansive, and saves you the cost and effort of setting up a physical server.

The process of installing a cloud telephony solution goes like this:

Identify your requirements Call Servetel → Talk to our experts and customise your plan → Pay and start using services within a few minutes

C) Super Savings, Wholesome Solutions

We’ve already talked about the flexibility and agility that come with cloud solutions. Hence, the plans and subscriptions are flexible as well. You can choose and modify the pricing based on your call flow and volume of customer interactions.

There are different categories of plans starting from economy plans to enterprise plans. Usually, companies go by minute-based consumption and calculate the per minute charges to be paid. Regardless of the plan you choose, it will still be crumbs as opposed to what you would’ve paid for a traditional telephony set-up.

Moreover, cloud telephony services have zero maintenance costs as compared to the bulky wiring and PBX boxes that require regular servicing. Once installed, they are robust and undergo automatic system updates.

D) Smoothens Communication Flows

With smart features like call forwarding, call routing and call distribution, cloud telephony streamlines business operations to a large extent. A call is assigned to the agent most skilled for that query without any human intervention. The chances of errors are minimised and a quick resolution is encouraged.

Customers, therefore, are left with a positive brand image because they know that their time is being valued.

Furthermore, inter-agent transfers add to this smooth customer experience and equip agents with a powerful tool to showcase collaboration. Cloud telephony leverages AI-powered features to provide exceptional customer insights which come in handy for developing targeted marketing strategies.

E) Offers Security and Privacy

Security is a big concern for budding entrepreneurs. The Cloud offers a secure environment to store data and safeguards private information by limiting access to authorised users only.

In fact, entrepreneurs can themselves control who gets access to confidential information like customer call detail records. This prevents any misuse of customers’ personal information by the company.

Another feature to look for in a Cloud set-up is number masking. This service allows you to hide the contact numbers of the customer and agent from each other, in a bid to protect privacy and prevent abuse of personal contact details. This fosters transparent interactions and encourages honest feedback from the clients.

Therefore, startups depending on customer data for generating revenues should definitely opt for cloud telephony to be a part of a safe virtual environment.

F) Aids Centralised Business Processes

Solutions like virtual numbers and toll free numbers act as centralised business numbers, and become the face of the company. To put it simply, a customer dials your free Mumbai number and, based on his IVR input, gets routed to the Delhi office without any disruptions.

The beauty of cloud telephony is the seamless call flow it offers. You might be operating out of your living room and the client would never know. Startups eager to expand should definitely go with cloud based solutions in order to maintain a standard centralised number with multiple numbers mapped behind it. Better organisation leads to better results!

To Put it in a Nutshell:

Startups and SMEs are the backbone of economic sustainability in our country and hence, should be technologically well-equipped to compete with existing businesses. The Cloud, with its latest technological advancements, offers robust services and streamlines business operations.

Virtual solutions are especially helpful for small businesses, aiding them in presenting a more professional image despite the limited resources.

With the features mentioned above and the perfect blend of AI, this solution can fit any type and size of business. All this while, you’re benefiting from greater affordability, reliability and agility.

Even in uncertain market conditions, the Cloud empowers you to maintain business continuity with a standard level of service delivery so that you’re always prepared.

If you’ve already dived into the world of Cloud telephony solutions for your startup, get in touch with us at 1800-120-4132 and we’ll help you customise your services with just a few clicks.