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Impact of SMS and Voice Reminders on Different Industries

SMS and Voice Appointment Reminders

Sending timely reminders is the most relieving thing you can do to make your customers life easy. Notification, appointment, or monthly subscription reminders are a few of the reminder services used by the businesses today.

These reminders assure that you remain on top of your customers mind without putting in much effort and also it,

  1. Saves time and helps you serve customers efficiently
  2. Provides you with an opportunity to reconnect with old customers
  3. Cuts down on manual reminder calls
  4. Eliminate no-shows and late annulments

SMS and voice platforms are being popularly used to send these reminders. As these platforms are convenient to use and have a broad reach, it ensures that your reminders reach out to people instantly. Different industries have started leveraging the reminder services in their ways to provide seamless customer experience. In this blog, we will explore how various industries are exploiting the SMS and voice reminder services for their benefit.

1. Education

If you are running a coaching or training institute, you must have experienced the frustration and bummers of no-shows. You can easily handle these bummers by reminding your students about the upcoming classes.

But how can you execute this quickly and cost-effectively?

Going by the traditional methods, you need to spend hours manually calling students to inform them about the schedule. But this method is both expensive and time-consuming.

Whereas, by sending SMS and voice reminders, you can sit back and let the system do all the work for you. It enables you to send customised texts to the students regarding the updated schedule or upcoming holidays beforehand. You can also inform the guardians about fee reminders, so they don’t end up paying late payment fines.

2. Healthcare

Running any healthcare organisation demands a ton of work—overseeing representatives, handling logistics, working with insurance agencies and scheduling appointments. Reminder services help to reduce a task from the stack of work a healthcare organisation has to take care of.

Sending reminders or updates of the appointment ensures patients do not skip their scheduled appointments, which otherwise may escape their attention. In case of any changes, the reminders can be rescheduled to broadcast updated messages at an appropriate time before the appointment.

This reduces the chances of no-shows. And if the patient is unable to show up on the scheduled day, then they can re-schedule the appointment and free up the arrangement for another person to visit.

3. Travel

Advance bookings are the backbone of travel-based organisations. Booking a maximum number of seats or rooms in advance reduces the chances of any monetary losses.

However, if your pre-booked clients don’t turn up on the day, you’re left with a costly no-show, and it could turn out to be an expensive error for your customer as well.

With SMS and voice reminders, you can remind your clients of their booking a couple of days, or hours before their journey. These reminders can save you from hefty losses and help you adjust any cancellations beforehand.

4. Employment Organisations

Missing interview due to lack of information or mere forgetfulness can be costly for the job applications. Employment portals such as employment centers, or private HR firm can leverage SMS and voice reminder services to remind the job applicants about the scheduled interviews.

Your staff doesn’t need to make any manual calls to remind applicants of the upcoming opportunities. You can operate all the activities from our web portal to minimise efforts.  These reminders work are a perfect solution for small and medium-size organisations, ensuring maximum returns with minimal investment.

5. Telecom

Telecom industry utilises the reminder services to the fullest. A telecom operator looking for economical ways to keep customers updated about billing subscriptions or monthly renewals can send reminder texts to customers with Bulk SMS or voice broadcasting solution.

The reminders are dynamic in nature and can pick information directly from the database, including name, subscription date, etc.

Summing It Up

SMS and voice reminders will boost your business effectiveness irrespective of the industry you belong to. All the businesses which aim to deliver excellent customer service use reminder services to remain in touch with their customers. Hence, SMS and voice reminders is a boon for all the industries who are planning to reduce monetary losses and improve customer service.

If you are looking for a Voice broadcasting or Bulk SMS solution which perfectly fits your business needs, give Servetel a call at 1800-120-4132.

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