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8 Reasons: Why Small Enterprises Should Use Virtual Number

Increase your business efficiency with virtual number

In this age of science and technology, virtual phone number has gained a great deal of popularity across the globe. It is so because virtual phone numbers have great utilities and they offer a plethora of advantages at the same time. Furthermore, a virtual number just like a standard number but there are some notable differences. A virtual number is not directly linked with a telephone line or device.

Virtual phone numbers allow small businesses to keep a check on their presence economically and easily. Due to this very reason, the majority of the small-business owners are opting for a virtual number as it helps them maintain a professional and consistent image. This article lists and discusses the numerous benefits offered by virtual phone numbers to small businesses.

1. Highly Cost-effective

Virtual phone numbers are highly cost-effective as calls within the company can be automatically directed to another number. The charges of every incoming call are shared by both the parties involved in the call.

With a virtual number, customers can be contacted from anywhere, at any time on different types of devices. Additionally, virtual numbers are entirely compatible with modern day devices such as desktops, laptops, standard mobile phones and smartphones.

2. Establishes Local Presence

Majority of the existing and potential customers prefer getting in touch with a local vendor for their business requirements. Making use of a virtual phone number allows small businesses to establish and build a strong local presence, irrespective of their exact physical location.

Besides, opting for a local virtual phone number endows enterprises with the ability to incorporate customisation. Another major advantage of using a virtual phone number is that you will get more traffic as callers are more likely to call up a local business present in their vicinity in place of the business that is miles away.

3. Significantly Improves Business Image

Undoubtedly, business image and branding are of utmost importance for any enterprise. Small business owners highly prefer virtual phone numbers as they have the potential to significantly improve their business image without creating a hole in their pockets. It is so because having a separate virtual number for different departments or functions gives a notable boost to a company’s image.

4. Consistent Branding for Your Business

When it comes to business communication, it is extremely important to maintain a professional image to facilitate consistent branding for your business. Once you set up your customer service, you can easily welcome your callers with a custom message with your mentioned branding to let them know that they have connected with your business.

Because the approach is inordinately effective, it will give you a professional edge over your competitors. Additionally, since virtual numbers are not linked to a device, it is easy to reach out to different departments, teams and individuals just by calling the same number, irrespective of the location they are working from and who is to respond.

5. More than Just a Number

The best thing about virtual phone numbers is that they offer more advanced and sophisticated features than your standard number. Virtual phone numbers come with a plethora of extra features such as call forwarding, advanced conferencing capabilities, SMS and email notifications, advanced customisation, and so on. Not just that, with highly effective business solutions, you can easily procure voicemail service along with plenty of other beneficial features.

6. Eliminates the Need for Dedicated Hardware  

Virtual phone numbers are all about inexpensiveness and flexibility. There is no need to invest in a costly premise-based phone system or in extra phones for your business as calls on the virtual number can be easily forwarded to other numbers. Due to this virtual phone numbers eliminate the requirement for dedicated hardware.

7. Facilitates Use of Advanced Services

It is no secret that virtual numbers facilitate the use of advanced services. With a virtual number, a business can enjoy the whole range of cloud-hosted services. As far as implementation is concerned, there are a plethora of services for that purpose such as call conferencing, virtual receptionist, call forwarding, a mix of SMS and email and video conferencing.

Nevertheless, if the implementation of the hosted solution takes place in the cloud, then an organisation can have a single phone system with internal extension numbers for employees working in different parts of the country.

8. Enhanced Analysis

One of the major reasons why a large number of businesses are turning to virtual phone numbers is that it offers call analytics. Using virtual numbers in combination with call analytics makes it possible for enterprises to control costs. Additionally, by monitoring all incoming and outgoing calls over call monitoring dashboard helps the business to keep track of all the activities on their fingertips.

Final Words

Various benefits offered by virtual phone numbers cannot be neglected at any cost.Virtual phone numbers help enterprises boost their overall performance and get rid of extraneous expenses. Unlike standard numbers, they provide small businesses with a great deal of advanced and sophisticated features as well. If you want to increase efficacy and make it easier for people to connect with you, consider getting a virtual phone number for your business.

To get an Indian virtual number for your business, you can connect with one of our experts on 1800-120-4132 and avail the services.

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