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How Servetel Helps Startups Successfully Combat the Major Challenges

Servetel helps startup to grow

With the advent of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-Based Services, the playing field has been theoretically leveled for all organizations. Any start-up having more to offer can take on any leading organization. This era, thus, marks the onset of delivery based aggrandizement. The better you are, the more you grow.

Though it can’t be truer, as is the case with most theoretical facets, bringing this theoretical equality to reality is a tough act to follow. This is where Servetel comes in with its AI-backed and Cloud services.

Here are the Five Major Challenges Servetel Helps Combat:

Capital Reduction and Easy Portability:

Office and hardware rental together with manpower cost, make up for the major investment of capital resources done by an organization. With cloud services offered by Servetel, it becomes possible for an organization to go remote. This largely reduces the capital investment of an organization. Just ditch the whole office space and workstations, it’s that simple!

Cloud telephony is perhaps the most significant factor in reducing manpower and availing national presence. With services like the toll-free number that enables a business to have national reach, the business avails great rapport. Also, customers feel that a business is more reliable if they are not charged for the call.

This, when put up with an interactive voice response (IVR) service, largely reduces the expenditure on manpower. An IVR handles the initial traffic and hence does not require an agent to handle the call right away. Simple queries can be resolved by IVR itself. The rest is  diverted to their respective departments. Because of this, a much smaller team of agents can handle a larger volume of calls. And because all the data is stored at the cloud, portability is never a problem.

Real-time Analytics

Now that an organization has gone remote, the agents are no longer in sight. Does this imply that an organization cannot monitor their agents, and more importantly, will the task of assigning calls require more manpower?

Absolutely not! The cloud telephony services provided by Servetel are backed by smart systems that provide real-time analytics and auto distribution of calls based on the availability of agents.

This, when coupled with the call recordings and customer behavior analysis (inclusive of Servetel’s package), one gets the real-time analytics of its agents and customers at their dashboard (yes, a user-friendly dashboard is provided to monitor all aspects). This allows an organization to make and manage policies as per the real-time requirements.

99.99% Uptime Implies No Opportunities Missed

With an exceptional uptime of 99.99%, we at Servetel boast of our prowess in connecting you with every possible opportunity that comes your way. Any missed call can severely impact the revenue opportunity of an organization. Also, for most organizations, this loss is the loss of recurring revenue and hence, will affect the growth projections of the organization.

Also, this fundamentally affects the brand value of an organization and consequently, will leave a great toll on the reliability of the organization. We understand this and therefore provide an organization the best in industry uptime.

Redefined Customer Experience

More than a seamless connection with the customer, Servetel’s cloud telephony provides customized automated services such as a name-based greeting that adds a personal touch.

Also, Servetel provides an option called sticky agent. This option benefits both the customer and the business. It is used to route the call to the same agent the customer talked to the previous time. This makes the work of both the caller and the agent easier as they do not need to reshare the information already shared between them. This improves both the productivity of the agent and the customer satisfaction.

More than Just a Telephony Service Provider

We enable an organization to focus on core business by handling the hassles of the comparatively auxiliary tasks. An organization can significantly reduce expenditure by going remote and consequently reducing infrastructure costs. This, together with the eased up customer interaction and call privacy enables an organization to provide a seamless customer experience to its customers.

At Servetel, we are constantly working to bridge the gaps between an organization and its customers. With best in the industry networks and a 99.99% uptime, an organization never misses on a lead. Backed with powerful AI and cloud, a business can avail recording and analysis of a high volume of data.

There is a tad more to the story than just this. We are as dedicated towards startups as we say because startups inspire us. We cater to thousands of startups on a daily basis, and hence we know that they are keen on revolutionizing the world. They, at times, shock us by doing the unthinkable. We return the favor by providing unforeseen, state of the art support across all sectors.

If you are in a dilemma about how to face these major challenges to grow your startup, please  feel free to contact us at 1800-120-4132.