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Why Choose Servetel for Voice Broadcasting


Ranging from traditional print media to trending social media, businesses have explored a variety of paths to broadcast their promotional, informational or other kinds of business information. And, amid all this, a communication channel which stands out to make its mark in the business arena is – ‘Voice Broadcast’.

Providing an innovative technique for mass communication, voice broadcasting is one of the best ways to spread information in minimal time and revenue.

With a phone in every hand, the reach of voice broadcasting has multiplied over time. Unlike SMS or Emails, the probability of ‘getting heard’ also increases to a massive extent with this channel. Thus, to utilise the benefits of voice campaign in your favour, choosing the right service provider becomes an essential part of your campaign planning.

But, before locking a service provider for your campaign, below are a set of questions you should definitely consider:

How much effort is required to set up your broadcasting campaign?

How efficiently can you make changes in the live campaign without impacting the active status of your campaign?

Lastly, what are the value add-ons you are getting which can strengthen your campaign?

Answers to these questions will help you weigh the difference in the quality of services provided by service providers. It also helps you to determine the smoothness of the three essential phases of your campaign, i.e., planning, execution, and maintenance.

At Servetel, we try to answer all the above questions and many more to make your campaign management an effortless process. Let’s look at a few of our features which has helped our customers to run an exceptional voice broadcasting campaign.

1. Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously

As a business, you are always striving to provide excellent services to your customers. Thus, planning, launching or promoting new campaigns becomes a part of your routine.

So, to help you handle all campaigns with ease, we provide an intelligently designed web portal where you can run multiple broadcasting campaigns simultaneously without any added complexity.

Plus, to add a layer of security, you can assign separate security access to the agents by creating multiple departments and roles. This ensures all your campaigns function smoothly without hampering each other’s operation.

2. Schedule Call Redials

Many times, on the first try, your broadcasted calls may go unanswered, but why make your ‘first’ attempt the ‘last’ one?

So, schedule your redials, i.e., you can send a call after every ‘x’ minutes until ‘y’ number of attempts are made. For instance, in case of unanswered calls, throw calls after every ‘30’ minutes until ‘5’ attempts are made. After five attempts go unanswered, the system will automatically stop sending calls.

You can change the numbers depending upon your campaign urgency and other factors.

3. Create Voice Message with Text-to-Speech

A voice ‘too soft’ or ‘too harsh’ can hamper the purpose of your campaign. You need to have a perfect campaign voice which compliments your campaign message along with the purpose.

Searching for such a perfect voice can become a struggle for many companies. With Servetel’s built-in TTS integration, you already have a collection of perfect voices stored in your portal.

Simply type your message, select the voice texture from the pre-loaded options in the portal and instantly convert your text into a voice message.

4. Schedule Your Campaigns

To be sure that your campaign reaches its maximum target audience, you need to plan your voice campaign smartly, and one such important factor in the smart campaign planning is to reach your audience at the ‘right time’.

Right time here depends upon your audience needs. For instance, if your audience is spread across the country than you may want to schedule your campaign after considering their holiday schedules.

Thus, to cater to a variety of target audience at the same time, Servetel portal gives you an option to schedule your campaigns for different days and time as per different audiences. Once your campaign gets scheduled, calls are automatically sent to the uploaded contacts at the decided time without any human intervention.

5. Automated Email Reports

Tracking the performance of your campaign is an essential part of campaign planning, and if you are managing multiple campaigns at the same time, it becomes a struggle to remain updated with all your campaign activities regularly.

To help you get out of this struggle, we provide a valuable feature which keeps you and your team updated of campaign statistics without investing much efforts.

You simply need to create the analytics report once by adding all the key business parameters to be analysed. You can then, schedule this report on your team members’ email-ID following a pre-decided frequency, such as daily, weekly or monthly.

6. Pay Only for Answered Calls

A business needs to keep a tight cap on the campaign budget to avoid overspending, and we understand this fact. So, with Servetel, you are only charged for what you use, i.e., only the answered calls are charged. Calls which go unanswered in the campaign do not incur any charge.

7. Real-time Call Statistics

As the dynamics of campaign keeps changing, so you need to remain on toes always and keep yourself updated on the campaign statistics all the time.

Apart from scheduling your campaign analysis reports daily, you can also keep track of your campaign in real-time, i.e., once your campaign gets launched, the portal gets automatically refreshed with the live status of your campaign by displaying the number of active and missed calls.

8. Calling Line ID (CLI) Security

While accessing sensitive data of leads, it is crucial to protect their personal information with all possible measures.

So, to protect the privacy of leads, our portal is integrated with a CLI security mechanism. This security measure lets you hide your customers’ phone number from Call Data Records (CDR) to prevent any misuse of their phone number by agents.

Instead, agents are provided with an option to directly call the leads from the CDR without directly accessing the phone number. Thus, efficiency of conversation between your agents and leads doesn’t get compromised while ensuring security.

9. Flexible Pulse Slabs

Sending a broadcast of just a few seconds? But, paying for the whole minute?

With Servetel, you save expenses by paying only for what gets used. Our flexible pulse slabs ranging from per second to per minute gives you the flexibility to choose the pulse rate which best suits your business and budget.

10. Connect Your Campaign with IVR

Voice broadcast is a one-way communication channel. Although, in the case of feedback or survey campaigns, the need to facilitate two-way communication arises.

To keep up with this inevitable need for two-way communication, Servetel provides you with a  ‘Connect to IVR’ option. Integrating this option into your voice broadcast gives your lead a route to connect with your company’s representative. Moreover, with DTMF integration you can also connect your broadcast to collect responses in the form of numeric inputs.

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