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Reasons You Should Use Voice Broadcasting for Your Businesses

voice broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is one of the fastest mass communication channels that help communicate with a multitude of people at a single time. In other words, it allows businesses to outreach a large customer base at once. Thus, it is an essential tool especially for businesses, which demand regular messages updates to be sent.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting also known as automated call broadcast is the most efficient way to instantly connect with customers and get the messages across with least human intervention in the process. It trims the cost by removing the need for dedicated staff to handle the calls manually. Moreover, with cloud-hosted voice broadcasting solution, the need for hardwired phone connection lines also get eliminated.

Automated Call broadcast service delivers a higher response in comparison to SMS or e-mails. From helping in everyday tasks to attracting new customers, voice broadcasting helps the organisation in all business aspects. Let’s take a deeper look at the voice call broadcasting benefits which can support your business growth:

Non-intrusive and Personalized Messages

Unlike direct marketing, voice broadcasting is less intrusive and gives you an opportunity to bring personal touch to your communication. When people are directly addressed by business stakeholders, they are persuaded to confide in the company. These messages make a business stand out among the competitors who are promoting a similar product or service. It’s a perfect way to grab their attention and put forward a consistent message that speaks in your voice.

Quick and Secure

Voice broadcasting is a quick way that allows handling a large number of calls simultaneously. It helps in broadcasting announcements without any delays. Whether it’s about broadcasting information or simply connecting with the clients, voice broadcasting ensures that everyone receives the right message in the least time.

Easy to Operate

Voice broadcast solutions do not need dedicated hardware or software. One can access and get started with the services by accessing it from the web portal. Once the account gets created, you can just upload the required contact list and start broadcasting.


Voice broadcasting is an inexpensive medium given the broad reach and speed it offers. It proves to be a less-expensive method to broadcast information as one only has to pay for the answered minutes. And with the pay-as-you-use model, businesses only need to pay for minutes which gets utilised in the voice broadcasting campaign.


Voice broadcasting has a scheduling feature which allows one to schedule the campaign as per business and customers’ flexibility. It can be scheduled for the next month, week or the hour. In case of unanswered calls, the broadcast can be rescheduled with a definite number of re-tries. For instance, in every half an hour, retries after every ten minutes can be attempted.


It is easy to operate platform. One doesn’t need a tech-savvy person to operate a voice broadcasting campaign. Voice broadcasting panel is exceptionally user-friendly, and one faces no difficulty in navigating through the online portal while running voice broadcasting campaign.


You can efficiently manage your voice broadcasting campaign at fingertips from your user panel. For instance, you can create different contact groups where one group can store the contact details of the customers, while other groups can store vendors’ and suppliers’ contact. And with only a single click, the message can be broadcasted to the right target group.  These setting can be altered for every group.

Business Productivity

With a voice broadcast system in place, you free up a lot of time which can be used to focus on other critical business activities. For instance, you don’t need to waste hours on drafting marketing plans or making multiple phone calls to promote your services. Instead, you can invest those efforts on other important business elements.

Brand Presence

With voice broadcasting, you can experience a dramatic boost in your brand’s outreach. Voice broadcast system offers endless opportunities to improve brand identity and penetration. You can inform customers about your ongoing promotion offers, coupons, and incentives which can further help your brand to gain presence among customers.

Wide Application

Voice broadcasting can be used in surveys, reminders and confirmations. Be it marketing campaigns or broadcasting urgent and important information to staff or clients, voice broadcasting is an essential tool. It is useful in capturing information from customers and sending out information.  Some of its common uses include:

  1. Automated booking or ticket confirmations
  2. Employee or customer surveys
  3. Giving thanks messages
  4. Marketing and promotional offers
  5. Broadcasting urgent updates and news

Call Tracking

Voice broadcasting solution also provides detailed reports which allow you to check if your broadcasted voice messages are answered by target customers. In case of no response, a business can view the detail information of unanswered calls along with the name of the call recipient. This allows you to resend your broadcast and maximise your reach.

Customer Surveys

Knowing what customers want and likes are important for the continued growth of a business. This is where voice broadcasting steps in and helps you gather important feedbacks by conducting surveys.

With the help of voice broadcast solutions you have the option to ask customers about your service’s feedback. The results easily get recorded and can be accessed by your account.  This gathered information lets you keep a close pulse on your audience needs so that you can effectively solve the problems and serve as per customer needs.

Final Words

Voice broadcasting is a smart and viable option for a business that is looking to streamline the communication aspect of their operation.  With little efforts, you not only speed up the marketing process of your company but also connect with your audience using voice broadcasting.

Not using voice broadcasting for your business yet? Start today by contacting us at 1800-120-4132 and get more customers for your business.

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