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5 Ways to Use Voice Broadcasting for Political Campaign

political voice broadcasting

Voters today are far more aware of their electoral choices than ever before. This expansion in people’s understanding has pushed political parties to revamp their traditional approach of promoting election campaigns.

“Voice Broadcasting” emerged out to be one such revamped strategy of election promotion in the last Lok Sabha elections. With mobile phone users expected to reach 813 million by 2019, this approach is only set to grow.

But, before focusing on how political parties have used or can use Political voice broadcasting in their election campaigns, let’s understand what voice broadcasting exactly does.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

As the Wikipedia definition states,

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique, begun in the 1990s, that broadcasts telephone messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once.

Above definition clearly states, voice broadcasting is a method to reach masses via a broadcasted voice message.  Here the voice messages serve variety of purposes, such as to educate people, broadcast announcements, send event reminders, and much more.

Voice broadcasting can prove to be a holistic solution for political campaigns, from advertising your election message to updating volunteers of all important party activities.  Below are five ways which can help a political party utilise the benefits of voice broadcasting in its favour.

Best Ways to Use Political Voice Broadcasting For Election Campaigns:

1. Imprint Your Name on Voters’ Mind

Today, voters are loaded with tons of promotional information across different platforms. So, sending a single message in this already crowded market will not be enough to make your mark.  You need to reiterate your name 3-4 times in the voters’ mind to widen your scope of being remembered.

Political voice broadcasting helps you achieve this name recognition easily. Send a relevant and personalised voice message several times with your name mentioned. In order to avoid any annoyance to the voters, customise and change your voice message with every iteration. This helps you stay relevant among voters and naturally gets your name imprinted in their mind.

2. Press 1 Campaigns

In order to foster trust in the voters, engaging with them becomes one of the important aspects of your political campaign. Connecting with your potential voters to understand their expectations helps you instil faith in them. Additionally, it also increases your chances of winning.

Press 1 campaign is one such method to initiate voter engagement in your campaign. With this campaign, your voters get a chance to connect with party volunteers directly.

To run a press 1 campaign, you simply need to provide an option to the voters such as “Press 1 to talk with our party volunteer”. After receiving an input response, redirect the voters’ call to a party volunteer.  This way of interaction helps you bond with voters and understand their concern on a ground level.

3. Send Party Updates to Volunteers

Your party volunteers and workers are the backbones of your election campaign. Hence, to strengthen this support, you need to keep them informed of all recent party updates. Political parties can use voice broadcasting service to connect with party supporters and keep them informed of any new party announcements.

The most effective way is to broadcast reminder or announcement voice messages on their numbers. Keeping your party volunteers updated also helps you instil faith and trust in the party volunteers.

4. Poll Surveys

As a political party aiming for the welfare of its citizen, importance of understanding peoples’ needs becomes an inevitable part of your campaign planning. Thus, to understand your voters’ needs at the ground level is to organise poll and surveys.

In order to get maximum response on your surveys, it is important not to burden your voters with lengthy questionnaires. Organising your polls and surveys over voice broadcast can ease a lot of processes here. With this method, you ensure to get maximum response without much of time investment.

5. Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

After months of planning and promotion, the deciding step which ensures your success is the number of votes you receive on the election day. Thus, after promotion, it is important to ensure that all your potential voters are out there on the polling booth on the election day.

You can use political voice broadcasting solution to persuade them till the election day or a day before election.  Here, a short voice message can be broadcasted to all potential voters.

In this voice message you can add important information such as polling booth address, or the route to reach a polling booth, and other relevant information. Further, you can also broadcast a compelling and persuading voice message and ask them to get out of their homes to avail their voting rights.

If you have some more innovative ideas to use voice broadcasting in political campaigns, then comment below and let us know.

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