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Number Masking: How It is Significant In Your Business


In the field of communication, there are many instances when it becomes necessary to maintain the privacy of the caller. For the same purpose, the role of number masking comes into play.

In a literal sense, number masking is all about putting a mask on the numbers of the two parties who are communicating. So, communication happens without two people being aware of each other’s numbers. Cloud telephony has made number masking easy to execute and reliable to apply.

How Does Number Masking Work?

When it becomes necessary to maintain privacy of the two people communicating then the best way is to get them connected is through a third party. Cloud telephony fulfills this purpose by providing a medium to connect two callers without showing them their numbers.

If a person A wants to communicate with person B then A would be assigned a random contact number to make the call, hiding the identity of the person B. Since this call is completed through the internet while receiving the call, the caller ID of person B shows a random number and not the actual number of the person A. In this process -users don’t have to use any device to communicate. A simple software installed in the desktop or an application in the mobile phone is enough to make A and B communicate without sharing their identities.

Cloud telephony solution basically converts voice into data and this data is transmitted through the internet. The communication becomes possible at the two receiving ends that have a software or an application to convert this data again into voice.Now, the third party between the two callers that has hosted the data doesn’t reveal the caller ID information to both the parties.

Role of Number Masking in Business

Number masking is used widely for various reasons in business today. The idea behind is same as for the privacy purposes the customer wants to get his job done without revealing his contact information to the other party.

Maintaining Customer Privacy

Number masking is a helpful tool in the scheme of a business where the customers have to speak with an unknown representative to get the job done. In this case you can assure your customers about the safety as well as privacy. Fulfilling the same purpose, cab booking service providers use number masking throughout the world. It hides the contact information of the customer and the driver when the booking is done.

For Doing Cold Calls

At times when the agents are trying to reach out the customers for selling some product or service, the customers don’t take the calls after looking at the caller ID information, considering such calls are merely wastage of time. Thus, a business proposition which can be important to the customers can be missed out without communication.

In contemporary scenario of business, we use a lot of data analytics to make the customer’s psyche predictable. So that once the customers are approached, they should be more likely to take the call. For such circumstances number masking can be of great help.

Need of a Temporary Number

There can be some instances when you need to have a temporary number for doing business communication. In this case, you can avoid the hassle of getting a new number. You can use the number masking feature on the same number that you have been using and can call from the same number without revealing the information.

Number masking provides you with a facility that helps you in executing any kind of business activity or communication in an incognito mode. Reap the benefits of number masking for your business. Dial 1800-120-4132  to know more.

3 comments on “Number Masking: How It is Significant In Your Business


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on number masking and its growing importance and impact on businesses.


Today’s customers are very particular regarding their privacy. And number masking in today’s time comes as a promise of protection of data.


Hi Vipul!
Thanks for bringing out this blog post. Number masking is indeed the need of the hour for every business.

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