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Missed Call Solutions: All You Need to Know Guide

missed call solutions guide

Missed call solutions were first initiated to save up on hefty call charges. Its use has now evolved to signal basic life updates like reaching home safely, a date going well or a product being delivered. At its peak, the sophistication of missed calls beats the morse code, hands down! One ring for a yes, two for no, and other multiple combinations denoting various responses.

From being an effective medium for people to communicate pre-agreed topics to becoming an interactive medium for brands to communicate with their audiences—missed call solutions provide a unique way to communicate information. Businesses quickly adopted it as a pull-marketing strategy to lure audiences into engaging with you.

With the power of the latest cloud technology, missed call solutions have become much more popular. This smart blend allows marketers to track and measure campaign performance and create what actually works for the target audience.

What’s inside?

This article is not just another piece on missed call solutions and their benefits. Instead, this article dives into how missed call services can actually make a difference to your marketing efforts, offering unique ways to beat the competition.

This article takes you through live examples and the use cases to establish the applicability of these solutions and some novel ways to make the most of them.

So, let’s get started.

1. What is a Missed Call Solution?

A missed call is a generic word that simply refers to a call that gets disconnected before it is answered.

An important distinction to make is that a missed call is not the same as a missed call service or a missed call solution.

A missed call solution, usually powered by the capabilities of the Cloud, includes tracking calls, recording responses given by callers, and following up with an auto-notification message.

This solution has been successfully used for functions like booking a table at a restaurant or schedule an appointment with the doctor. With complementing cloud features such as IVR, call records, and auto-attendant, businesses can not only leverage missed call solutions but also gain a holistic insight into their campaigns.

2. How does it work?

Missed call solutions are one of the most basic features of cloud telephony. It can be deployed either on a toll free number (1800 number) or a virtual number. As soon as the call lands on the missed call number, it’s disconnected. Here, businesses can benefit enormously from deploying a simple IVR to record callers’ responses.

As the cloud facilitates robust call recordings, businesses can gain vital customer insights. They can conduct polls, surveys, and other research strategies using a missed call number and tweak their business decisions accordingly.

With a user-friendly portal that comes alongside this solution, marketers can access comprehensive reports and check how many callers actually responded and how many hung up at the IVR itself.

For example, a business can implement a missed call solution to poll about an upcoming product or service. To answer, its customers can give a missed call on a particular number and mark themselves as “interested” or “not interested” on the IVR using their keypads.

3. How to create an effective Missed Call campaign for your business?

To create a successful missed call campaign for your business, you first need to decide on a suitable number—toll free (1800) or regular virtual numbers. Once that is done, go crazy with the propaganda!

Use online and offline mediums like pamphlets, social media, and newspaper ads to market this number creatively. Post the marketing, your customers will reach out to you and in return, you can deploy an auto-notification service to get a follow-up with maybe a link to the website or product description.

One of the major benefits of missed call solutions is to generate leads at cheaper costs.

4.  What are the features of Missed Call Solutions?

Missed call solutions make for an instant, cost-effective way to generate leads and collect valuable customer data. Every missed call is a new opportunity!

From organising quick polls to engaging customer surveys, you can replace tedious tasks with missed call solutions.

Let’s look at the powerful features of missed call solutions.

  • Run simultaneous campaigns

With the power of cloud backing up missed call solutions, you can simultaneously run multiple campaigns and cater to several marketing objectives. Not only run, but you can also track these campaigns using a user-friendly online portal.

  • Unlimited channels

Cloud telephony allows you to receive swarms of missed calls at the same time without missing any lead. Unlimited channels help you be more available to your customers and increase the call handling capacity of your business.

  • Comprehensive campaign analysis

Remain abreast of the latest trends in your industry with robust campaign analytics with missed call solutions. Additionally get scheduled emails on your registered email ID allowing you to consistently improve your campaigns.

  • SMS Alerts

Get instant SMS alerts along with missed call solutions to strengthen your follow-up strategy. This also helps build better recall factors for your campaigns. These SMS updates also allow you to stay informed about every missed call.

  • IVR with missed calls

Deploy a smart IVR system along with missed call solutions to make the campaigns more interactive. This feature allows you to acknowledge every caller with a pleasant greeting to build better connections.

Remember, these features also depend on the service provider you choose. Evaluate your options carefully and try to get maximum features in your cart!

5. Applications of Missed Call Solutions

Lead generation, customer engagement, and customer support are the three main aspects where missed call solutions come in handy.

Below is the list of various applications of missed call solutions.

  • Customer registrations: Missed calls are a hassle-free medium to automate mundane jobs like customer registrations. One can be organising a marketing event or a seminar and can get all the visitors to register via a missed call. This way you can also build a stronger audience base.
  • Customer verification: As the technology is progressing so are the number of frauds. With missed call solutions, you can verify the authenticity of customers at various stages and avoid hoax calls.
  • Call back service: The most basic functionality of missed calls is facilitating prompt callbacks. You never miss a call or a lead, and even if you do, you have all the details to call them back later.
  • Gather feedback: Get instant feedback with the help of an IVR that asks the customers about their experience with the brand. For example, “press 1 if you are satisfied with the services, press 2 if not” or “rate your experience with the brand on the scale (keys) of 1-5.”
  • Tracking: This application of missed call solution is majorly used in e-commerce sectors to track various stages of the product delivery cycle. From product being dispatched to its final destination—everything can be monitored using missed call services.

Apart from these applications, missed calls can be also used to:

  • Convey short messages
  • Communicate with cab and food aggregators
  • Mark support for causes like natural disasters, poverty, or any other social cause
  • Build audience base

6.  How do businesses benefit from this?

We have already talked a lot about the practical applications of missed call solutions. Let’s quickly glance through the holistic benefits it brings to businesses.

  • Generate qualified leads: Qualified leads increase the chances of potential customers and hence, are capable of multiplying revenues manifolds. Filtering leads in itself could be a tedious process and missed calls automate this task for you.
  • Free of cost for customers: Missed call solutions let your customers engage with your brand free of cost. This is how it should be, right? YOU want customers to engage with your business and it’s usually not the other way around. So why should they pay? This also helps build brand credibility in the eyes of potential customers and improves your reputation.
  • Quick and instant set-up: Simply secure a number for your missed call solutions and start with your campaigns. The easy-to-use online portal takes care of everything else for you.
  • Improve customer engagement: Encourage customer engagement with easy and simple participation using missed call services. By conducting the latest polls or quizzes, you can get your customers talking to gain insights.
  • Measure your success: Review the progress of your campaigns by diving into the comprehensive analytics offered by reliable service providers. Evaluate the performance of your campaigns and tweak your marketing strategies accordingly.

7. How to get Missed Call Solutions in India?

With the rise of cloud telephony, the market is cluttered with service providers offering missed call solutions. As it goes with clutter, finding the right choice for your business becomes harder. To counter this, just keep in mind the following factors and you’re ready to get started!

  • Curate a list: Make a list of all qualified service providers who fall into your geographical reach and scope of services
  • Choose a number: Missed call services can be availed either on a toll free number or a virtual mobile number. Choose wisely as this will represent your future campaigns
  • Identify and add additional services: Try and add as many additional features and services as you can in your kitty. Make a comparison between the charges and the deliverables for all your service providers. Make sure to negotiate your way and tick off maximum features for your missed call services. Instead of just focusing on a number, try to create a holistic solution.
  • Pricing: Lastly, pay extra attention to the pricing of missed call solutions. There is absolutely no harm in choosing a service provider with higher rates, provided that they are credible in the industry and offer you high-quality solutions for your buck.

These are a few basic pointers to be careful of while evaluating vendors.

Before we bring this article to a close, let’s go over some of the advantages of this robust solution once again.

  • Maximised reach
  • One step user registration
  • Bespoke marketing campaigns
  • Seamless integration with CRM or other applications
  • Auto-reply messages

That’s it for this mammoth of an article. We hope this clears all your doubts about the versatility of missed call solutions.

If you’re looking for an authenticated service provider, Servetel is the one for you. Get in touch with our experts by calling  1800-120-4132 and customise your own missed call campaign. We hope it turns out great!