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Empower Your Lead Generation Strategy with Missed Call Solution

Empower Your Lead Generation Strategy with Missed Call Solution

Getting leads is the only way to make your business survive and thrive in the competitive landscape. But it can be a huge struggle, considering that there can be a large number of rivals offering similar products or services at comparable prices. With ample choices, customers have the power to switch between sellers. 61% of marketers report that generating traffic and leads is the top challenge they face. While businesses and marketers may rely on the conventional forms of advertising to boost their lead counts, it always makes sense to look for a solution that is economical yet result-oriented. Fortunately, missed call number has emerged as a true winner in this context. While it has a massive potential for lead generation, you can rest assured that it will not elevate your marketing costs. Let us explain what missed call solutions are and how they can step up your lead generation initiative without spending a fortune.

Understanding Missed Call Solution Better

“Every day we’re saying, ‘How can we keep the customer happy? How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this?’… because if we don’t, somebody else will.” – Bill Gates, Microsoft

Enough cannot be said about the value of making your customer happy but this quote covers the crux. If your customers are not satisfied with the experience you deliver, they will definitely buy from someone who offers a better one. When it comes to experience, it is far more than offering them a differentiated product. It is all about going above and beyond with your services, being available all the time and going the extra mile to make them feel important. And this is exactly what missed call number helps you achieve.

Essentially, a missed call number is a phone number where your customers would just give you a missed call and your agents will call them back.  Since the caller does not have to pay for the call, they would end up saving their money and still be connected with your business for seeking support or answers to their query. Although the solution sounds simple, there is much more to it when you scratch the surface. In fact, it has huge potential when it comes to capturing qualified leads for your business, even while being a cost effective approach. So it definitely is one of the smartest investments that you can make.

Missed Call Solution: Cost-Effective & Customer-Friendly

Before trying to see the service from the lead generation perspective, you need to understand how it actually works. To start with, you will have to avail a dedicated phone number from a missed call service provider and share this number amongst the potential customers. There can be specific numbers for specific campaigns, along with the information to the customers that they can leave a call on the given number if they have a genuine interest in the said campaign. Once they call on the number, it will be disconnected automatically and the caller gets a confirmation message that your agent would call them back. At the same time, the caller’s number goes into the company’s database and your representative can call back later. So you end up building a lead database while the customers can get in touch for free. As simple as that!

Considering how missed call numbers work, it would be easy to comprehend how they can empower your lead generation initiatives. Here are the reasons why your business and customers would love them alike.

  • A missed call number is bound to attract more customers for your business than any other tactic for the very obvious reasons. The solution is customer-friendly and costs them practically nothing.
  • Since the customer calls you at the first instance, you can rest assured that they are genuinely interested in your business and offering. So your sales team ends up focusing their efforts where they matter.
  • All the customer needs to do is to only give a missed call and the company’s representative will call them back. This saves their time and they never need to wait or be on hold.
  • The number increases customer satisfaction as it shows your intention to go above and beyond with your services. The customers need not call the business again and again; rather the business will call them back.
  • A missed call service gives the customer an opportunity to talk at length with the agent and clear all their doubts and concerns as they need not worry about paying for the call.

More Than Just Lead Generation!!

Certainly, missed call number solutions go a long way in making your lead generation plan a success, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is one investment that goes much beyond getting you qualified leads and opportunities to convert them. Here are the additional benefits of missed call solutions you can expect by investing in this solution.

  • To start with, it can help your company in expanding the size of the customer base. You end up reaching out to more customers as compared to other solutions. Moreover, you have a sustainable lead database that you can leverage year after year, throughout the lifespan of your business.
  • It is far more economical as compared to other lead generation tools such as advertising and social media promotions. And it does not compromise in terms of quality of leads and efficacy of results.
  • With a missed call solution in place, your business is able to enhance its professional value and can even improve its reputation and brand image. Customers are more likely to remember and recall you via this number.
  • This number also helps you in maintaining records, no matter how large your database is. Whenever a missed call comes on the number provided, the entire data of the caller gets recorded automatically. You need not hire an employee and depend on him to maintain records consistently.
  • It cuts down the workload of your agents as they need not pursue the potential leads; rather they only have to reconnect with the ones already interested. So half the work is already eliminated and employees can focus only on delivering better caller experiences.
  • Moreover, your agents need not verify the leads as the solution drives customer verification initiatives as well. Since the caller would already be authenticated by the automated system, agents can save up on their time.
  • Missed call service can also be used for conducting quality surveys so that you can actually identify the flaws in your process and go the extra mile for addressing them and improving the quality of your services. Since the surveys can be done via an interactive interface, they are bound to get a better response from the customers.
  • Apart from quality surveys, missed call solutions can be leveraged for getting customer feedback as well. Any feedback is valuable for businesses as it gives them the opportunity to get better with their services and offerings.
  • With this solution in place, you are better connected with the customers, which is crucial for startups as well as established enterprises. Greater connectivity translates into customer loyalty. While you can expect them to be back for repeat purchases, they also bring more customers for your business through word of mouth recommendations.


Not enough can be said about the value that a missed call solution can serve to your business, particularly from the lead generation perspective. It is an innovative tool that can open up humongous opportunities for any company looking to retain its existing customer base and acquire new ones as well.

The best part is that it connects you with qualified leads, making it easier to separate wheat from chaff. Rather than wasting time on leads that wouldn’t come or convert, your team can concentrate all the efforts on the ones that have real potential. So it surely makes sense to collaborate with a missed call service provider that offers quality solutions at best pricing.

Servetel is a leading name you can trust for empowering your lead generation initiative with a high-quality missed call solution. It brings value-adding services that prioritize top-notch customer service and assure 99% uptime for best results. Call us at 1800-120-4132 today.

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