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Missed Call Service: Unique Tool to Attract High-quality Leads

Modern era, marked by technological advancement is introducing innovative methods for a business to grow. Every company has to not only stand out among the customers but among the competitors as well. Only companies with unique and exciting marketing strategies can thrive in such cut-throat competition.

Missed call solution is one such unique and interesting marketing tool which has surfaced the business industry in the last few years. Calls, being a commonly used communication medium is now creatively utilised to attract potential leads. Let’s understand this concept in detail below.

What Is Missed Call Service?

Missed call, in simple words, is when a dialed call is terminated without any response from the other side. Missed call service uses the same concept to engage with the customer. It is an instant and cost-effective way to collect customer’s response. Every missed call received is equivalent to a response from an interested lead.

Missed call service helps to generate high-quality leads. Additionally, one also can quickly gather information from prospective customers in the form of surveys, polls, and even contests. It is the easiest way of keeping a tab on all the calls, and the information. It eliminates the need for filling out tedious forms.

Customer only has to give a missed call on the given number, and the required information is collected automatically. This service allows you to convert all the incoming calls into missed calls by automatically disconnecting the incoming call with a thank you message.

How Does It Work?

  • To use this service, you need a dedicated phone number. This number will be used for marketing and shared among the customers or leads.
  • Customers will be asked to leave a call on the given mobile number if they’re interested in the marketed offer.
  • Once, the call is received on the company’s mentioned number; the application automatically disconnects the call with a confirmation message. This message is syntax as, “Thank you for showing interest in our services. Our representatives will get back to you soon.”
  • Caller’s number automatically gets stored in the company’s database.
  • Later on, the available company representative calls the customer to take the conversation forward and understand their requirements.

How it Helps Your Business in Lead Generation

1. Improves Connectivity of the Business

Every business, be it established or a start-up, needs to have good connectivity with the customers. They are always on the search for new ways to connect with them to build better relations. Therefore, today when the market is close to saturation, there is a need to bring out innovative ways to improve the connectivity. Here, missed call service steals the limelight, for it is not only a unique tool but is also easy to use for business as well as customers.

2. Quickens Customer Verification

Verification is a key part of both online and offline businesses. It is important for a company to authenticate not only the users but also their actions. In such situations, the service of missed calls come handy. It is an easy way to verify any suspicious activity. The service makes sure that only quality leads are approaching the business.

3. Interactive Interface

Missed call service can be very useful to conduct the quality survey.  It provides an interface by which you can tap the response of your target audience instantly. Going online to get results for a survey is an old concept. The customers do not like to spend time in following the multiple steps for voting or filling out surveys. The missed call service can effectively replace traditional voting methods as only with a miss call they can inform the businesses of their agreement or disagreement.

4. Easy Feedback

For every business to be successful, it is crucial to retain the existing customers. To achieve this goal, the feedback of the customer is of utmost importance. But the challenge arises when customers are asked to provide their feedback. However, with missed call service conducting feedback survey is much quick and efficient.

5. Saves Customer’s Time And Efforts

Today customers have a hectic schedule and thus, have limited time. Therefore, by this service, all a customer has to do is leave a missed call. The responsibility of calling back and gathering the information is upon the company. It will not only save time and efforts but also make the process hassle-free.

6. Maintenance Of Records

Keeping track of customer detail is crucial for a business. In missed call solution, when a customer calls on the given number, all the relevant and basic customer data gets recorded automatically. It makes the task of maintaining records easy and convenient, additionally, it eliminates the manual tracking of customer data.

7. Cost Effective

Traditional tools of lead generation, like social media promotion and advertising, are not so effective in generating quality leads. But through missed call, companies generate quality leads as only the party interested contacts the company by dropping a missed call, and thus it turns out to be much more cost effective for customers as well as the company.


Missed call service is an innovative tool which lets a business reach out to interested customers and potential leads without costing effort or money. Businesses struggling with a limited budget but aiming to attract high-quality leads can go for this highly effective lead generation tool. It not only yields you meaningful leads but also channelizes your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Start attracting high-quality leads with Servetel’s missed call service. Contact us at 1800-120-4132 today!

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