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Beginner’s Complete Guide to Missed Call Service

Beginner’s Complete Guide to Missed Call Service

“If you are satisfied with our services, give a missed call at 98XXXXX”

“To show your support for the cause, dial 873XXXXX”

As customers, we all have seen this form of marketing on various platforms. Especially after being popularized by our government. Businesses today from various sectors use missed call solution for a plethora of advantages, ranging from customer verification to collecting votes for a political campaign and everything in between. However, have you ever wondered what this is and how it works?

This guide to missed call service will take you through all that is there to know about this service. We will trace the what, why and how of the service and finally understand how to implement the same for your business.

What is missed call service?

Missed call service is a cloud telephony solution used by businesses to promote products or services, conduct polls or surveys, verify customers and much more. A phone number is marketed among customers on various platforms, like social media, websites, offline advertisements, etc. Customers can then give a missed call on the said number to register for the product/ service, volunteer, give feedback, show support or for whatever the pre-decided business or organizational need.

How does missed call service work?

Once the customers give a call to your business on the dedicated missed call number, it is automatically disconnected after 2-3 rings.  As a result, no call costs are charged from the customers. The basic caller information is then registered on your account, which can be exported to a spreadsheet for easier use. The same information can be used as per the business requirements.

The missed call solution is a booming service for a multitude of companies because of the convenience it provides both to customers and the businesses. Owning to the busy and fast lifestyles of the current day and age, many customers do not have time to engage with businesses and look for easier and convenient methods for the same. In addition, some customers do not have access to fast and steady internet connection or do not want to spend money for calling a company. This is a specific concern in developing countries like India. Missed call service is a great tool for this scenario, offering both a free of cost and an extremely convenient method of communication.

Let us see some of the ways in which companies are using missed call marketing:

  • Verify Authenticity

    Many businesses like food-ordering or e-commerce platforms among others ask their customers to give a missed call on the registered number to check the authenticity of the order and that of the customer.

  • Expand Reach

    Using this free of cost mode of communication; it is easier for businesses to penetrate even remote markets, while getting correct customer information. Thus providing companies a great source for quality lead generation.

  • Feedback Forms

    It is difficult for marketers to get feedback from customers about their products or services. The feedback they do receive is limited from a select few. Missed call service has the potential to increase the sample size, making the entire process extremely user friendly. Customers need to not fill a long and cumbersome form. Merely giving a missed call on the registered number is enough!

Apart from the above mentioned uses, organizations and businesses are using missed call services in a variety of ways like giving score updates for a sports match, candidates’ marks from an exam, mobile or bank balance, registering a vote or simply showing support for a cause. The uses of missed call marketing are boundless.

Why should one opt for Missed Call Solution?

Given the simplicity of this service, it is a preferred means of engagement for businesses. It saves both time and cost for companies and offers ready-to-use customer information. Integrating this service with automated SMS marketing, the entire process can be customized without the need of any agents! Thus saving expenditure and time on employee hiring and training. Furthermore, missed call service can enhance the brand image among your customers while providing genuine user data to analyze and create more engaging marketing campaigns.

Let us see some of the benefits of missed call soluton in this guide to understand why this service is a boon:

  • Zero-Cost Solution

    This is self-explanatory. Using this mode of communication, customers do not need to spend anything to get in touch with a company. With a simple missed call, their data is saved with the business. The business can use the same to call the customer or provide product/service as per the pre-decided engagement.

  • Greater Penetration

    Customers without access to smartphones or steady internet connection can also be reached with missed call marketing. Thus, taking a company’s marketing campaign even to the most remote areas while providing accessibility to customers with even a landline

  • Saves Time

    Missed call solutions save time for both the business and its customers. One need not spend a lot of time filling out survey forms. The cumbersome process can be easily replaced with this service. Further, since it provides authentic customer information, agents need to not spend exuberant time on cold calling individuals to generate leads.

  • Enhance Brand Image

    Using such a zero-cost and convenient mode of communication, dramatically improves your brand image. It can potentially transform your company’s perception to one that cares for its customers and is ready to assist them at any instant.

Understanding the benefits of missed call service from the perspective of both the customers and the business should leave no doubt on its credibility and utility. This leads us to the last section of the article.

Step by Step Missed Call Service Setup Guide

There are 3 major points

  • Select a phone number

    Businesses first need to buy a phone number from their service provider. They can opt for different numbers for different marketing and promotional campaigns. Different numbers make it easy for monitoring and tracking various campaigns.

  • Opt for a Service Plan

    Service providers offer different packages and plans customized with various value added features to meet one’s business demands.  The plans differ from one another in terms of cost and campaign management services among others. Opt for the one, which best suits your requirements.

  • Customize, Monitor and Track your Campaign

    With an easy to use dashboard, businesses can readily customize their campaigns while generating an analysis report in real time, enabling one to evaluate the performance of the campaigns. One can also integrate missed call service with IVR and SMS marketing to create full-proof marketing campaigns. In addition, the dashboard provides the option for automated notifications on SMS or email, so that you may not miss out on any customers.


Overall, missed call service is a great boon for companies and organizations from across the fields be it healthcare, e-commerce, food delivery, politics and many more. It is one of the most convenient modes of communication for customers and business and is a proven hit! It has the potential to influence new markets be it in the urban or rural sphere, while requiring minimal infrastructure. Be a not for profit entity or a huge multinational corporation, opt for missed call service today by calling us at 1800-120-4132 and revolutionize your business!