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How IVR Number Can Empower Your Business With Better ROI

IVR empower businesses with better ROI (Return On Investment)

Over the years, businesses have realized the value of embracing innovative technology solutions for enhancing their operations and achieving growth objectives. Solutions that were once considered frivolous are now becoming essential for organisations. IVR system is one such technology that has come ahead as a vital addition for businesses. It comes as no surprise that businesses of all sizes are fast-adopting them without thinking twice because the Return On Investment they yield justifies the expenditure. If you are considering an IVR number for your business, you can rest assured about the value it will add.

What is IVR all about? 

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is the technology that enables callers to interact with an automated system through the phone keypad or voice responses. With the installation of this system, your business gets a phone number that you can share with the customers so that they can connect with you as and when they want. When you have an IVR system in place, you get a phone number that can be used for delivering automated, pre-recorded messages to the customers. Since this message is automated, there is no dependence on the availability of a human rep to interact with the callers. Therefore, it acts as a bridge between a business and its customers.

As an IVR number is accessible 24×7, your customers can get in touch to resolve their problems anytime. Apart from just answering their queries and resolving their concerns, the system can be programmed with personalized greetings for the callers. This makes it a reliable means to boost customer satisfaction and consolidate relationships as well. Beyond just being a smart communication tool, it also serves as an effective marketing means for your organisation.

Extensive benefits of an IVR Number

When it comes to calculating the ROI (Return On Investment) for any investment that you make for your business, you need to identify its benefits. Anything that delivers value in one way or the other is useful from the ROI perspective. Here are the extensive benefits of IVR sytem for your business.

  • An IVR system automates your customer service process, which means that you reduce the dependence on human representatives. Beyond that, there is a significant reduction in errors when a virtual assistant takes over the process of handling customer calls. While you can save money in terms of hiring and training customer service reps, the existing workforce is freed up for looking after more critical tasks Further, IVR can be used for transferring calls to human executives when the caller needs further assistance. Automation in call routing ensures caller satisfaction and the system always routes the right caller to the right department or executive.
  • Another unmatched benefit of an IVR number is its round-the-clock availability. This helps a business to improve its relationship with their existing customers and consolidate them with prospective buyers. Further, it makes your brand appear more professional as you are always there, irrespective of the day or time that the customers choose to connect.
  • As customer expectations grow, there is a demand for personalization in interactions. You cannot expect to win them over unless they feel connected and a personalized approach is exactly what you need to do so. Setting up a smart IVR system that lets you deliver personalized greetings and interactions gets you going. It can address the callers by their names, communicate in a chosen language.
  • A better and more personalized interaction impresses your regular customers. At the same time, it lets you improve the quality of first contact so that the potential customers are enticed to move further down the conversion funnel. This obviously favors the business in terms of ROI as you can program the system with the right responses to the pre-specified queries, rather than wasting time on irrelevant interactions.
  • Advanced IVR solutions are capable of pairing the customers with agents contextually so that the latter are able to deliver the best experiences. Additionally, customers have a complete control over their interactions as the system lets them select their preferred options in terms of language, queries and more. The system can even provide them the approximate waiting time so that they can decide the next course of action. A greater control translates into better customer satisfaction, which is a key metric for calculating the ROI of the IVR number.
  • When customers are satisfied with IVR-based interactions and services, they are less likely to abandon. The structured features of a smart IVR system resolves the challenges related to complex navigation or extended waiting period, which prevents the customers from feeling frustrated. A lower abandonment rate is definitely important for any business from the ROI perspective.
  • The ROI-related benefits of IVR number can be assessed in terms of increased sales with remarketing. You may use this system to grab the attention of the existing and potential customers with remarketing campaigns. This is an effective strategy to motivate them for converting and subsequently, staying loyal to your brand and products.

Considering these immense benefits of IVR solution, it can be easily said that this investment can unlock a huge ROI potential for your business. This potential can be gauged in terms of various metrics, from conversions to sales revenues, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and long-term branding advantage. It lets you strengthen your business in context of all these key metrics over a period of time.

Wrapping Up

The extensive benefit of IVR number, along with the ROI potential it offers, makes it a wise investment for any business. The one thing that you need to be sure about is collaborating with a top IVR Service Provider that you can rely on. While seamless performance and consistent availability are the key factors to consider while choosing a provider, you should prioritize one that offers advanced features and services related to personalization. After all, you would want a system that is capable of matching the expectations of customers and empowering your business as well. Scalability, customization and cost-effectiveness are some other things to consider. Servetel is one of the leading service providers that excel on all these fronts.

Call us at 1800-120-4132 for the best IVR services and rest assured about unlocking new opportunities for your business.

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