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5 Ways to Get Customers to Pick Your Calls

how to improve call pickup rates

As the famous saying goes,

Conversations lead to Conversions

This saying holds true for all the businesses aiming to attract and convert leads.

In fact, as per a survey, there is a strong connection between the number of conversations that agents have each day to their performance. An average sales rep has around six conversations a day, although top representatives have a lot more than that.

But with internet access being readily available, channels like Whatsapp are being used by people to drive conversations. These channels have reduced the provision of calling, as there is always an option to drop a text and start the conversation.

And with the rise in the number of spam calls received every day, customers have become cautious about picking calls from the unknown number.

But, to overcome these challenges and drive more conversations over the call, you need to ensure that a maximum number of customers are answering your calls. However, the response rate of these calls is entirely dependent upon how you approach them. Following the below strategies can prove to be beneficial in improving your call pick up rate.

If you have a Voice broadcasting solution for your business, you must have encountered with bummers of customers not picking calls. To overcome all these challenges faced while call pickup, here are a few basic tips that will boost up your probability of call being received by your customers:-

1. Make Calls to Target Customer Base

The foremost thing you need to keep in mind while making calls is your customer base. It’s essential to understand that your products and services have an intended audience, and thus you should prioritise them.

You need to understand the needs of customers and target them accordingly. Having a proper idea about target customers makes it easy for you to make calls to the customers who are looking for your products or services. Hence, it increases the probability of your call being picked up.

2. Call at the Appropriate Time

We get it, you need to capture a maximum number of leads, but that shouldn’t come at the expense of harming your brand image. As a standard guideline, it is ideal to abstain from calling before 8 AM and after 8 PM. Studies demonstrate that the most suitable time to call your customers is from 11 AM to 12 PM, and 4 PM to 5 PM.

During the 11-12 window, customers have checked in at work, start with their tasks and are slowing down for lunch.

Also, they are wrapping up for the day between 4-5 PM. The customers are clearly not going to take up a task that requires extreme concentration during this window, which makes it the best time to call.

3. Dial From the Local Area Code

Most people don’t want to answer calls from unknown numbers or the numbers that do not belong to their local area codes. People are more probably to answer your call when they see a local number in their caller ID.

According to a Survey, people are four times more likely to answer calls from numbers with Local caller ID. Just 7 per cent responded that they’re probably going to answer a call from an unknown caller with a toll-free code, but that number jumps to 27.5 per cent when that caller is utilizing a local caller ID.

4. Use MultiChannel Contact Strategy

Enhancing call pickup rates is not only about calling at the appropriate time or having a target customer base; it also follows a multi-channel contact approach. There are a few people who will never accept calls from the organisations they don’t identify.

One should try to fit in the customer’s shoes and establish a marketing strategy accordingly. Observe customer behavior and try to contact them on social media sites or other platforms.

You can drop an email to your potential customer and inquire about the right time to call. You can also use social media channels to connect with customers. After this, a call should be placed, and subsequently, send a follow-up email to collect the feedback.

5. Ensure Your Credibility

The basic thing you can do to improve your call pickup rates is to ensure that you have authenticated ID over Truecaller app. People are highly likely to receive your call when it is not marked as spam or blocked by users on such apps. This gives credibility to your brand and to the users, which, as a result, improves your call pickup rates.

Outbound sales is always a challenging job, but with the correct methodology, it’s a challenge worth pursuing. By utilizing the above strategies, you can support yourself and create enough opportunities and income that you need to flourish.

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