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How Cloud Telephony is Enhancing the Communication Capability Today


The communication infrastructure of an organisation is a matter of great concern because this decides the overall business success and productivity of employees. So every aspect related to business success of an organisation banks on the communication capabilities and the tools that are being used to make communication.

Ever since cloud technology started taking part in the communication infrastructure, the results have enhanced many folds. Cloud telephony is an answer to many such challenges. An article in Harvard Business Review discusses very clearly about strategic communication capability and what all factors come under it.

Cloud telephony is just a very good example of possessing strategic communication capability. Let’s look at the scenario of cloud telephony and strategic communication capability together and try to understand how cloud telephony is an answer to several challenges today.

Strategic Communication Capability with Cloud Telephony

Strategic communication capability is a term that has come to the fore with more promising ideas towards intended results. And when it comes to communication any business or organisation doesn’t take chances as the results depend on it. Let’s understand strategic communication capability in more details.

According to one Harvard Business Review report, there are various parameters that help in building up a strategic communication capability. The report suggests, the foremost is a strong strategic foundation, and it further explores that the communication should be viewed as a strategic imperative for high performance and growth. The foremost benefit is about saving time and money.

But the idea is about the another reason was the services got aligned with much improved decision making leading to better results. Another aspect that comes into picture is the right set of tools, it means zeroing in the best fit tools to make the communication more worthwhile.

The only idea is to map out the tools and the kind of experience you want to create.

This What/How/Who model should have many promising answers that provide solutions for every situation. A third aspect is a development process that means planning and tools solely can’t ensure best results. So there should be a process that should be intricately followed.

So a well defined process should be there to take things further. A process that is accepted throughout the company and is made a worthwhile approach for every individual getting involved.

The report says that individual projects can all benefit from a disciplined communication development and launch process. It mentions about explicit tollgate phases such as plan approval, project initiation, concept development, creative development, production and distribution. This helps in channelizing the efforts in a much better way with an immense follow up of the strategy.

The last aspect that the report has suggested is a team of people with right spirit and skill set. This is very important to assemble the right team with the knowledge and passion to do the job in an exemplary way. This makes the ideas of communication more actionable and result oriented.

If we consider the strategic communication capabilities in the orbit of cloud telephony, we find that every aspect is discreetly covered. And this is the reason that cloud telephony has been opted by many organisation such as medical and firefighting. Let’s look at the scenario with valid and real life cases.

Medical Infrastructure

Hospitals have come up with a better idea to tackle with the inbound volume of call funnels through cloud telephony. The Cherokee hospital in US is using a health systems telephony network established by Cisco. If we look at the diagram we get to see how Cisco is using the cloud platform for telephony and is making the best of the available resources to reduce the weight of incoming call volume.

The business results have come up to be outstanding in terms of better call tracking and reporting.


Source- Link

After Cherokee Health Systems has introduced cloud telephony to their hospitals the results have covered many touch points.

To name a few here, Cost effective call tracking and reporting, the calls can be viewed in real time and data can be quickly retrieved for a follow up by a crisis worker or in an emergency situation. The call volumes can be easily monitored and dropped calls can be tracked.

Superior Security is another aspect that fits itself best to the current scenario. Earlier the Cherokee health System has had problem with harassing calls in the past. The Cisco cloud connectors eliminates the call problems by redirecting the calls to a voice box based on caller ID. With the help of such robust telephony systems the suspicious calling patterns can be easily monitored.

Ease of Management, according to cherokee healthcare system the ease of call management is incredible. Earlier they had to manage various hardware system but now the things have become much easier and effective. The idea is to use the portable devices enabled with internet can easily execute the calls.

Superior voice service availability, the voice service downtime has reduced in a substantial way. Earlier the best way to troubleshoot was to restart the system that was very time consuming and affected the services profoundly.

Improved patient Care, the best aspect that has come up is, the experience of the patients has gone better. Earlier, the patients had to go through unbearable call waiting and busy signals when the staff at the call receiving end got busy.

Now with the help of cloud telephony, an alert is generated for excessively busy lines and unanswered calls. This further helps in adjusting the staff to accommodate the call volume. While on hold, a voice message can be easily listened that assures an inevitable care to the waiting patients.


The situation of crisis comes unalarmed and unasked. Fire is such calamity that makes the most vulnerable situations for anything dead or living. Firefighting has always been a tough task irrespective of any country or place.

Technology has come a long way in controlling the crisis related to fire but there are certain situation when the firefighting teams struggle to get an absolute control on the erupting fire.

When the firefighting team is on work, communication becomes the biggest concern among the teams who separately enter into a building on fire. Because coordinating among themselves makes the effort cumulative.

The presence of cloud in the telephony helps in making a strategic communication platform that is capable of safety and security.

The idea of cloud technology has spread across various fields and any where there is a need of fast data storage and recovery, cloud has come up as the most appropriate solution.

When a building is on fire there are certain hindrances that occur and make the situation tougher. Interferences in the radio signal or weak radio signal is one of them.

Another factor that comes into picture is the available oxygen level and location of the fire-fighters. These specific data if transmitted well can ease the firefighting scenario by helping with fast decision making.

Cloud is helping the firefighters to stay connected among themselves and execute the plan in a much powerful manner. Firefighting has become a lot smarter with the help of cloud.

The firefighters are now equipped with the sensors and the data these sensors collect is sent to a secure cloud that can be accessed and analysed repeatedly to expedite the fire safety options.

Cloud Telephony Has The Answer

The best of the things that come with cloud is that it proves to be very beneficial in every domain of an organisation or service that comprise the need of data. Cloud based communication just helps in making the scenario much more result oriented because of the data analytics involved in it.

If we look at the cloud adaptation scenario then we get to know that the biggest of the companies have increased their interests in cloud.

This report from Gartner suggests that companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google have only relied more in cloud with time. According to this report Amazon has increased the market share of 44.2% from 39.8%. Microsoft has increased its market share by 61.1 %. This clearly depicts cloud has come out to be a solution for many problem.

Cloud telephony is just an answer to many challenges that are faced by the users in the recent times and its reliability in the user’s mind has only increased. The various sectors who have opted for cloud telephony only consolidate this fact that it is going to last in coming future with indelible , unquestionable results.

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