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Missed Call Service: A Boon for the Banking Industry in 2021

Missed Call Service for the Banking Industry

(Update: This blog was originally published on 14th March 2019 and was last updated on 7th July 2021 for comprehensiveness and accuracy.)

Do you remember how a passbook used to be the only way to check one’s balance a decade ago? Standing in long queues to get one’s passbook updated was an exhausting but recurring activity. 

Now, you have better ways to keep a tab on your account balance that does not involve cumbersome processes. In fact, you can do a lot more within seconds, like changing your ATM pin, updating your mobile number, and so forth. From cheque book requests to account statements, you can get all the information at zero cost. 

Banks even encourage account holders to use these new features: 

“If you want to know more about your latest transaction, give a missed call at 98XYZ”

“To get a mini statement of your account, call 891XYZ”

Banking is one industry that is making the most of missed call services. However, have you ever wondered how these services work?

How banks utilise missed call services

Over the past few years, banks have constantly rolled out missed call numbers for their customer’s convenience. Private and public banks alike have been including this tool to upgrade their customer service

Here are a few ways the missed call service proves to be beneficial for banks:

1. Ease of access

With the hustle-bustle of modern lifestyle, many people do not have time to engage in long conversations. Therefore, they look for more convenient methods for the same.

A missed call service lets them instantly access their bank details or request other actions. This increases transparency, allowing the user to track account updates in real-time. Furthermore, people can avail this service to request information on different schemes and offers. 

2. Greater penetration

Tier-3 cities and rural India still have limited access to the Internet. Missed call services are an accessible method of communication, irrespective of geography. 

Let’s say someone wants to seek information about loans. They can simply leave a missed call to receive the desired information. In this way, they do not have to spend hours surfing the Internet, an agent can call them back to assist them. 

3. Verification and activation

OTPs are generally used to verify customer identity. However, a missed call alert is a better alternative since it works with both landlines and international numbers, unlike SMSes. 

For example, upon receiving a new ATM card, cardholders can be asked to give a missed call from their registered number to verify their identity. Users can similarly change their ATM pins.

4. Enhanced employee productivity

Banks that were worried about employee productivity have now found a silver lining in missed call service. Front desk employees are free from mundane tasks like checking a savings account balance or the last five transactions of different users.

They can now simply ask the customer to give a missed call from their registered number and access their statements. 

5. Quick response

Forgot your PIN? Don’t panic. You can generate a new one within minutes.

The most beneficial feature of the missed call service is its instant response. It enables customers to instantly request for a new PIN number in case they forget or lose their existing PIN. By giving a missed call from their registered phone number, customers can generate OTPs and get the needful done.

What’s more?

The missed call service has proven to be a game-changer in the banking sector, and it’s certainly here to stay. It replaces the tedious process of standing in queues for balance enquiry or authenticating the cardholder’s identity. 

Truly, missed call services have eased these mundane processes like never before. In fact, some banks even allow users to transfer money simply by authenticating their identity via a missed call. Additionally, loan seekers can get bank statements easily by sending a request through a missed call.

If the person has multiple accounts within the same bank, just one missed call can update them about the balance of all their accounts.

To wrap it up

Missed call services are one of the most convenient modes of communication for banks and their customers. With minimal infrastructure requirements, this service can access a wider set of customers, ranging from urban as well as rural areas. 

From public to private banks, everyone is using missed call services to save time and cost. All that is required is the account holder’s mobile number linked to the account in the bank and voila! All is made easier. 

Ease the overall banking experience for your customers today. Reach out to us at 1800-120-4132.