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Here’s All You Need to Know About a Contact Centre As a Service (CCaaS)

all about ccaas

The first priority of any business is serving its customers effectively and efficiently. While you may leverage the best of technology, it’s equally important to have all the resources in place to do the same. 

If you want to keep customer service as a priority with minimum resource requirements, CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) is the best option for you. This business solution allows a cloud-based customer service option. It understands and builds upon the need of businesses to only purchase the technology that they require. 

With a CCaaS system in place, firms can utilise the provider’s software and thereby, significantly reduce the need for any internal IT infrastructure or support. When businesses have to pay only for what they need, they have lower investments, reduced overall costs and minimal hassle in dealing with unnecessary technology. You get all of this while enhancing overall customer service. 

More than a decade ago, contact centres used to have in-house software, which was downloaded, maintained and used within the office premise. Apart from maintenance, this raised the need for manpower investment and regular upgrading costs. 

With the advent of technology, there was a gradual shift from the traditional methods and eventually, businesses moved on to a cloud-based system. Now, they can log into any Internet browser and access all the functionalities of the office system—regardless of their location. 

If you’re just starting out with CCaaS, here are some benefits you need to know: 

1) Integrate various channels 

A CCaaS system incorporates various communication channels such as chatbots, telephony services, social media communication, etc. It aims for a multi-channel approach, thus giving customers several avenues to connect with your business. 

2) IVR and other customised services 

An interactive voice response system is a must-have for your contact centre. It greets callers and routes them to the right agent or department based on keypad inputs. The best thing is, you can customise your IVR, as well as other cloud services, to reflect your mission and ideals. Such a system also does away with traditional problems such as long waiting time, ineffective agents or an overall poor customer experience. 

3) Effective first contact resolution 

With an effective skill-based routing of your CCaaS software, callers are immediately connected to the best-suited agent equipped to handle the query effortlessly. With all the customer information and product details on the screen, your agents can ensure that all client issues are handled in one go. It’s a win-win situation—saving the customers’ time as well as your business resources. 

4) Lower operational and maintenance costs 

A cloud contact centre does not require huge investments. Since everything is on the cloud and accessible from anywhere, small and mid-sized businesses can also make the transition easily without worrying too much about the budget. 

5) Scalable, reliable and readily available 

Your CCaaS system is extremely handy. You can reduce or increase the number of employees at your convenience by simply toggling the number of lines set up. This system also gives you room to freely grow and expand your business by adding features on the go. It’s also more reliable as compared to traditional set-up, ensuring virtually no downtime and multi-level security measures. And since it is on the cloud, its availability can be ensured round the clock.

Why should you transform your contact centre into a service? 

The primary reason to transform your on-premise contact centre into a cloud-based service is to avoid overhead costs. When all software is hosted on the cloud, the need to install, maintain and upgrade them within the office premises is eliminated. This will not only reduce the costs incurred but also do away with expenses related to hiring experts. 

With CCaaS, you and your team can log onto an Internet browser from anywhere in the world and access perfect functionalities—unlike traditional systems where being physically present in the office was mandatory. The significance of remote working and access to the needful tools makes sense now more than ever, owing to the pandemic-induced restrictions. 

We live in a dynamic continuously evolving world. Even in the business scape, technology changes at lightning-fast speed, even becoming obsolete all too soon. In times like these, investing heavily in just one particular technology might not be the best route.
However, CCaaS puts you in the driving seat, giving you the much-needed flexibility, without the additional costs of maintaining software. 

CCaaS also permits greater versatility in terms of working since it is a cloud-based system. It helps give better customer service and you can choose services that will prove to be a win-win for both your customers and the business. It’s also much easier to maintain, because of its lower costs and easier upgradation, simple implementation and reduced overhead costs. 

What’s in store for the future? 

With the advent of technology and the latest advancements in the field of cloud communications, most contact centres are making a gradual shift to cloud-based services. And a CCaaS system is a major driver of this transition. 

According to Grand View Research, the global contact centre software market is expected to reach a high of USD90.6 billion by 2028, expanding at a CAGR of 21.1% from 2021. 

With more and more companies realising the potential of Contact Centre as a Service, the market is on an expansion spree with the system ensuring faster and more effective innovation. 


A CCaaS system is an ideal customer care solution for more reasons than one. We’ve already talked about how effectively it helps control overhead and additional costs. A CCaaS model also helps take your business to new heights. 

Since you are not tied down with only one kind of technology, you can constantly upgrade before it becomes obsolete. Even the upgradation investments are low as everything is hosted on the cloud and there is no heavy set-up required. A CCaaS system also comes with greater flexibility in terms of workspace, investments, and improvisation.

Contact Centre as a Service has thus revolutionised how businesses function, ensuring maximum benefits for the employees as well as customers.

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