Want To Be a Customer-Friendly Brand: Add Cloud Telephony To Your Arsenal

customer friendly brand uses cloud telephony

Metrics like offline reach or online presence is now overridden by an emerging factor – Customer Service.

Though this factor seems like old-school, the emphasis on providing 24*7 quality customer service has become a competitive differentiator with customers becoming more aware and demanding. A successful business strategy involves both – business-centric and customer-centric strategies.

The business-centric strategy helps to attract new leads, but what makes the customers remain loyal to you is defined by how well you are focused on your customer-centric strategy. If your approach is inclined towards satisfying your customers, then attracting new leads automatically works in tandem for you.

Shifting to Customer-Centric Approach

The more seamless is your customer experience, the more chances to attract a lifelong customer base.

It is easier said than done, but in the ever-growing digital industry, the whole process of making that shift has become a lot easier. With many companies focused on providing cloud telephony services, the procedure of making the shift has become a lot more affordable & achievable.

Let’s see how shifting to cloud telephony can accelerate your company’s approach to the customer-friendly path:

1. Solving Customer Queries with IVR

Assisting customers with their queries earns you a good faith which clearly specifies that your process keeps the customer satisfaction on the top.  Cloud Telephony easily helps you in this process by acknowledging the incoming calls with IVR which play the recorded message as per the customer’s queries which in return saves your time, money & efforts.

Multi-level IVR solution can smartly understand the customer requirements to record their complaint, order, enquiry, etc. and to connect them to the right destination without any hassle.

2. Round the Clock Support by Experts

To build your image as a customer-oriented business, this approach organically helps you to achieve the same. Getting uninterrupted assistance is a much-needed cherry on the cake which not only strengthens your company’s backbone by providing all time assistance rather it also helps you to widen your reach in the world by ensuring your availability in all the possible time zones of all the distantly situated countries.

3. Zero Cost to Customers with Toll-Free Numbers

The major challenge which restricts customers to approach you is the cost of the calls which add weight to their pockets. To tackle such circumstances, cloud telephony companies offer you toll-free numbers to avoid any hassles of additional costs to your customers. In fact, the cost of calling is an overhead for the business implementing it rather than the customers utilizing it.

So, businesses with a vision of expanding their presence PAN India in a bonafide way are the best utilizer of this opportunity. The Introduction of Vanity numbers, like 1-800-RED-CROSS & 1-800-MERCEDES, has led the PR game to a whole new level.

4. Route Calls to Reduce Call Waiting Time

A strategically defined call routing structure avoids any hassle of missing on customers calls which portrays a constructive image of the company as no customer is left unattended. The calls are automatically redirected to the next available person in case of long call queues.

5. Ensuring Customer Loyalty through Call Back

To add a layer of brand loyalty for customers, cloud telephony companies provides an added facility which allows you to schedule a call back for your customers in case of any missed calls.

6. Record Calls for Monitoring

A growth-oriented mindset will eventually help the company’s growth, call recording is one such avenue of growth helping you to understand the customer’s expectations and monitor the performance of your services to find the loopholes.

7. Analyze Customer Expectations by Call Analytics

Prevention is better than cure, this medical statement holds true in all the business scenarios as well.

Call Analytics helps to analyze your call and customer pattern which prevents business to undergo any business loss or preparing strategies to revitalize their business according to customer’s behavioral patterns.

Align Your Connectivity with Customer Expectations

It’s high time to broaden up your market-reach strategies in direction of customer handling.  A customer posting a harsh review of your services or product on social media will not only endanger your long-built brand reputation but may also burn a hole in your business profits.

All the business-centric campaigns may go in vain if bad customer reviews start pouring. To handle any such scenarios, focusing on the above factors in your customer-service planning will only act as a knight in shining armour to protect your brand reputation.

Companies like Servetel help you build your customer reputation and brand image with ease of operation.

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