How to Improve Customer Experience with Call Intelligence


Every call between customer and agent can be a success only if it is dealt with intelligence based on information. The outcome of any business communication depends on the fact how well you understand your customers, which leads to preparedness of the agents to deal with the customers.

In this context, the role of data is just unavoidable and cloud has turned out to be a great supporter in bringing in intelligence into business communication.

Call intelligence is the key to success for every business communication and the best results show up when the communication happen at the same wavelength between customer and agents.

Let’s understand that why we need to bring in intelligence to our business communications for better results.

Predictive Analytics

For making intelligent outbound calls, it is necessary to use the insights coming from customer data in a very intelligent way. In the contemporary scenario of customer services, the role of predictive dialers is totally unavoidable, especially if the customer base is spread across several countries. In this case the outbound calls should be well planned.

Predictive dialers use the customer data to pick a specific time to make the outbound call according to the customer base. Based on the demographics and time zones of the customers, outbound calls are made at an appropriate time and this makes the customers more likely to take the call.

Effective IVR

Call routing through smart IVR solutions helps to get the customers reach their destination without any flaw or delay. Customers in today’s times have become more impatient and they need immediate solution to their queries. In this context, self-service tools such as IVRs are very effective.

However, IVRs should be intuitive and intelligently designed. The menus should be simple and easy to navigate. And a line to the human agent should always be kept open in case the caller gets stuck somewhere in the menu and wants to speak with the agent.

Call Recording to Improve the Conversation

It is like going back to the conversation that has happened between customers and agents and finding the cues for the scope of improvement. The idea is to make the best out of the communication happening with the agents.

Call recording helps you analyse the way agents are dealing with the customers and trying to provide the customer support. With continuous analysis and improvement, the customer agent communication becomes more precise and result oriented, resulting in sheer improvement in the average handling time. This improves the individual productivity of the agents and overall efficiency of the call center.

Intelligent Call Routing

The best way to make a customer-agent conversation fruitful in lesser time is to route the caller to the right agent. For example, if an agent is technically sound, he should be assigned to all the callers who are looking for a technical support.

With the skill based call routing, customers find the most appropriate solution in the least time invested. The idea is to lead a customer to an immediate solution.

In addition to this, if a particular agent is not capable of answering queries of the customer then the agent should be able to contact the expert or make the expert connect with the customer. Eventually, an apt solution given to the customer in the least time leads to utmost customer satisfaction.

Call intelligence can improve the customer experience only if you go for the right set of technologies. So, best practice is to understand your business and the type of customers. While doing business with them there can be some gap in between the needs of the customers and the services being delivered. Call intelligence is all about keeping this gap minimum.

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