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How to Improve Customer Experience with Call Intelligence

Improved Customer Experience with Call Intelligence

(Update: This blog was originally published on 3rd July 2017 and was last updated on 12th June 2020 for comprehensiveness and accuracy.)

Simple and effective communication is the key to any business transaction. Be it, reaching out to a potential lead or a simple query resolution, seamless interaction is vital. In this digital era, where most business operations happen virtually via audio or video calling, call intelligence plays a very important role.

As most business owners are aware, one successful call can potentially boost your business and at the same time, a poorly managed call can tarnish your brand’s reputation. Considering the same, it is imperative that businesses make their calls smarter or more intelligent.  

Today with analytical tools and cloud telephony systems, businesses can very easily adopt call intelligence mechanisms to enhance their contact points. Using these tools agents and customers are always in accord, leading to better results, which can significantly improve customer satisfaction and conversion rate.

Methods to Improve Call Intelligence

There are various easy to implement methods available today to enhance call intelligence. Thanks to cloud telephony and advancement in computer engineering with data mining and artificial intelligence, companies today can access the available technology irrespective of their size and revenue. Now, let us understand some of these methods in detail and learn how one can make their communication model more intelligent.

Predictive Analytics

Reaching out to potential or even existing clients can be a taxing and tricky job. One needs to contact their customers based on their convenience and availability. In order to make the said calls smartly, customer data is necessary. Predictive analytics tools like data mining, statistics and artificial intelligence help businesses, better understand their customer base. With the help of these tools, the quality of the conversation is also enhanced. Agents have ready access to information such as the number of times a customer has been called, earlier customer responses and much more. This helps in gauging customers’ perception and improves customer retention rate and success of follow-up calls.

Predictive dialers also help agents in predicting an optimum time to call a customer based upon one’s demographic, time zone, previous history and more.

Smart IVR Design

Effectively designing IVR helps customers reach their destination without any flaw or delay. Quick and ready solutions are a need for the current day and age, while many customers are impatient and demand swift redressal. Self-service tools via an efficiently designed IVR are very effective in this regard.

In addition, IVRs need to be intuitive and intelligently designed. Easy to navigate and uncomplicated menus go a long way in enhancing customer satisfaction. While self-service tools do help in resolving certain issues, nothing can overcome a human touch. Many customers still prefer communicating their queries to agents. Thus, a direct extension should be available at all times, in case the caller gets confused or wants to speak with an agent.

Call Recording and Monitoring

Analyzing previous conversations helps managers understand the way agents are dealing with the customers and are trying to provide customer support. Call recording and monitoring are extremely powerful tools and facilitate managers to give quality feedback. This aids in quickly identifying any issues or lack of clarity on the part of the agent and helps them learn from their mistakes. As a result, the conversation between the agent and the customers becomes highly productive and engaging. This practice of constructive feedback, optimizes the average handling time (the time spent by the agent on each customer) and as a result the overall productivity of the contact center.

Smart Call Routing Strategies

Smart and swift call routing form the backbone of a fruitful and engaging conversation. Connecting callers to the apt agents equipped to solve the query, means half the battle is won! Call routing refers to the distribution of incoming calls to the appropriate and proficient agents using Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) technology. For instance, a more technically sound agent should be routed calls requiring similar assistance, while an agent with experience in billing issues should be directed calls of the said nature. Such efficient routing ensures that customers are able to find the required solution to their queries in the least possible time and with minimum effort. 

There are multiple call routing mechanisms and algorithms offered in the market. One needs to define or identify a clear objective while prioritizing the nature of various calls to determine the best-suited practice for their business. This calls for an in-depth study of the nature of customer calls, traffic, FAQs and more. Businesses can implement various strategies like direct call routing, skill, time or value based routing, etc. However, one must understand that while each strategy has its own benefits, no single strategy can be implemented throughout the industry. Each business has its unique set of challenges and a unique approach to overcome the same .


In global markets with cutthroat competition, companies need to invest in making their conversations productive. Improving call intelligence is of immense importance and can be implemented easily through effective use of cloud telephony solutions. Data mining and AI tools help businesses better predict customer behavior and engage with them fruitfully.

The use of these methods can potentially transform a business and dramatically enhance its brand image.  To know more about cloud telephony solutions and making your calls smarter call us at 1800-120-4132 .

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