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Get Ahead of the Pandemic: Deploy Cloud Telephony to Start Your Business

Get Ahead of the Pandemic: Deploy Cloud Telephony to Start Your Business

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected several aspects of our life, including the way we work and conduct business. In a scenario like this, it is natural for business owners and entrepreneurs to shy away from starting a new venture. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

The pandemic is the new normal and businesses are rapidly adapting to the volatile operating conditions which come with it. 

As the BBC reports, the pandemic has had a devastating impact on the world economy. India has emerged as one of the worst-affected nations. According to a survey conducted by data firm Dun & Bradstreet, as reported in Mint, 82% of businesses in India have had a negative impact on their operations due to the pandemic. Everyone faced the consequences; small businesses and marketers have been hit especially hard. 

But we needn’t lose heart. Businesses and economies which have been quick to pivot have not perished. Some have even thrived. Many systems have come up overnight to help businesses operate remotely and safely in the pandemic. 

So don’t let the pandemic get in the way of your business plans. There are tools that can help you weather the storm and come up on top. 

Cloud telephony to the rescue

The cloud telephony is an intelligent solution for your communication needs, making old-world infrastructure like wiring and landlines completely redundant. 

Connectivity is done over the Cloud, which is much more efficient and reliable, especially in emergencies. Cloud telephony connects with many people easily and comes with a robust and reliable infrastructure to support it. It is your intelligent upgrade over on-premise PBX systems, allowing greater flexibility as well as scalability. Customer calls can be integrated with CRM systems to unify customer information in one place. 

The pandemic does not mean you have to remain disconnected from your customers anymore. Digital delivery features are emerging in the post-pandemic business environment and, with cloud telephony, the possibilities are endless.

What cloud telephony can do for you

  • It can help you penetrate remote areas, which were inaccessible due to the pandemic
  • Swiftly disseminate information to your client base using cloud telephony solutions like voice broadcasting and bulk SMS
  • With an automated call set-up like IVR, you can cater to your customers round the clock and not be limited by a live operator or receptionist

Cloud telephony tools at your disposal

There is a range of cloud telephony products that can make your business operations seamless and efficient, especially when employees are working remotely.

1. IVR:

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a telephony system that responds to inputs from the customer through an automated process and reroutes the call to a preferred agent, nullifying the requirement of a live operator for a large part of the process.

An intuitive IVR is an asset to any customer-centric business and is one of the most powerful cloud telephony tools at your disposal in the middle of a pandemic. Evolved features like call barging and whispering allow managers to ‘whisper’ into a live call and ensure superlative customer service by guiding agents with efficient customer handling. With an IVR number at your disposal, you can tackle a large volume of calls. Your calls will be easily identified, segregated and routed to the right place, every single time. Also, the system can be easily integrated with your CRM application, making the entire process seamless.

2. Toll-free number:

Besides offering your customers a free-of-cost communication channel, a toll-free number also adds prestige to your brand. With this convenient method of connection, customers from all over the country can call you easily. With an easy to remember number pattern, your brand’s recall among customers is swiftly enhanced.

It is worth noting that, apart from existing customers, a toll-free number helps you generate a lot of new leads with a minimal investment of time. Enhanced customer support also becomes possible with a toll-free number. You can simply use the call-forwarding feature to route customer calls to your personal number even when you’re away from work. This helps you work in a location-independent manner and be accessible to your customers all the time.

3. Virtual Number:

A virtual number is a phone number that does not have a physical phone line associated with it. With a virtual phone number, you can give the impression of having local numbers across your area of operations. Say, your business is based out of India, and you have clients all over the US, you can have virtual numbers in Los Angeles, New York and so on, without having to maintain an actual fixed line in those cities.

Similarly, if you have pan-India operations, you can have local numbers in Ahmedabad or Coimbatore, while operating out of New Delhi. Virtual numbers can also be used for a variety of marketing campaigns, even allowing tracking of how each campaign is performing. If you tie this to a virtual office, it basically enables you to have a presence anywhere in the world.

4. Bulk SMS:

With this feature, you can text thousands of people in a matter of seconds and expect a call-back from several of them. It’s great for sending promotional and transactional messages to your audience. Unlike emails, which can be missed, SMSes are easily accessible. The fact that you can get all information on your fingertips maximises the open rate of an SMS as compared to an email.

An SMS gets your message across instantly and dramatically boosts the engagement of your campaign. 

If you are hesitant to start a business because you don’t know how you will connect with your customers in the middle of a pandemic, or, indeed, how you will even go about getting customers, cloud telephony can help you surmount this problem. And now you know exactly how.


The post-Covid-19 customer trends indicate that adaptability and flexibility have to be the new pillars of business management. It is imperative for organisations to re-invent themselves and be prepared to engage with customers in innovative ways. Frequent communication and stability is key, otherwise, a business could end up losing customers. The mantra of the moment is: simplify, organise and automate your business. The pandemic is not the end. It is an opportunity that you can capitalise on. And cloud telephony solutions can help you do just that. 

Going forward, many human interactions—especially in the business space—will be virtual. The faster you embrace digitisation, the better for you and your business. 

The sort of personalisation of services that cloud telephony tools offer ensures a deep connection with customers. For instance, with the IVR solution, your business can record a warm customised message for your client using caller information.

This shows that you care for your customers’ needs, creates a strong brand image, and ensures retention. Cloud telephony also stores the data, so your business can refer back to it and gain learnings from past interactions. Calls can also be analysed later to observe the nuances of the conversations. Similarly, the recordings can be used for training as well as to bring new recruits up to speed on the way your business works and its ethos. 

Make the smart move by letting cloud telephony give your business the lift it deserves. Call our sales team at 1800-120-4132 to get a free demo today.

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