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How are Cloud Telephony Solutions Perfect Amalgamation of Tech and Touch?

ace automation and personalisation using cloud telephony solutions

Automation has always been a concern for those who are unfamiliar with the concept. Statements like “robots will take over human jobs by 2021” and “even jobs like writing would be automated via bots” have been haunting us for a while now.

However, the extent and complexity of automation depend entirely on humans.

Considering how far AI and technology have come over time, it would not be wrong to say that automation will greatly benefit modern-age organisations, no matter their scale. Improved productivity, better efficiency, and reduced use of scarce resources are some benefits we can look forward to.

That said, automation is not all roses. 

Sure, the technology is on its way to glory, but if misused, automation can be more detrimental than beneficial. It is important to understand that the implementation of smart technology does not necessarily mean optimum processes are in place. 

In fact, automation without context is like bringing owls to Athens—completely pointless. 

Moreover, technologies like automation and AI fail to connect with us emotionally.

Consider this—when we want to place return requests on an e-commerce website or ask for a weather update, we’re interacting with AI. But if we have a complex query that requires intelligent solutions, automation and AI will only be able to go so far. 

For instance, if you receive a damaged product and seek support through customer service chat, a bot can only help you look for your order and give you information about the return policy. It cannot empathise with you on a human level, rectify the situation and offer compensation or even consolation. 

So, while automation is becoming a part of our daily lives, we, as humans, will always crave that personal connection. We are, after all, social animals. 

The reasons to maintain a balance between automation and personal touch do not end here. We need to consider that:  

  • Important decisions always require human brains
  • Intuition is still stronger than AI 

So, how does one achieve this balance?

With a tool that is the perfect blend of the latest technologies and human touchcloud telephony! 

Cloud telephony solutions automate calls and alerts while maintaining the human connection.  

Expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.85% over the period 2020-2027, cloud telephony is taking various industries by storm.

The automated 1800 numbers you won’t want to miss!

Toll free numbers (TFNs) are like the stars of a cloud telephony kit. Organisations, big and small, use these numbers to widen their customer base. 

Primarily used as a customer support number, 1800 numbers allow businesses to automate the incoming call handling process and accurately route callers to agents. With the help of TFNs, businesses are able to provide a holistically personalised customer experience. 

Want to know how?

A toll free number can be deployed with a multi-level IVR to automatically route callers to the right destination. Yes, it’s that simple!

So, you can customise the IVR greeting to say: “Hey! Thanks for calling ABC. Press 1 to know your order status; press 2 to place a new order; press 3 to connect with an agent.” In this case, the third option has an actual mobile number mapped behind it that will take the caller to the concerned agent. 

Perfect, isn’t it?

Cloud telephony understands the importance of human connection, therefore, allows businesses to personalise their solution accordingly. 

Greeting callers with their names or keeping a close tab of their purchase history are just a few ways cloud uses its power to personalise customer experiences.

The automated SMSs that help you stay connected with audiences

SMSes and social media are the two most common mediums of communication that customers use. 

Thus, bulk SMSs are the best way to follow up on a successful sales call. They allow you to schedule and broadcast personalised texts to multiple people at the same time.

Not only do these messages increase the recall value of your brand, but they also help you remain omnipresent, which is a good way to build lasting connections.

Better yet—these messages cut through the noise of the unending marketing calls that audiences receive. 

So, this cloud telephony solution definitely gives you an edge over your competitors. 

All you have to do is follow two simple steps:

  1. Draft a personalised message
  2. Schedule it when customers are most likely to use their phones

And voila, you are done!

Save your agent’s time and offer a personal touch

Cloud telephony offers the click-to-call solution, which serves similar functions as auto-diallers or predictive diallers. These solutions come in handy when businesses wish to reach out to prospective leads. 

However, unlike predictive diallers, click-to-call gives the callers an option to interact with agents at their convenience. Your reps can then resolve queries, register feedback or grievances and even schedule appointments at the caller’s behest.

What’s more, this cloud telephony tool masks the identity of callers with the number masking tool, thereby protecting their privacy. Several food delivery and cab aggregators, such as Ola, Swiggy, and more use the service to offer a seamless and secure customer experience.

Click-to-call can also be deployed on websites to ask leads and customers to reach out to organisations. Doing so ensures that businesses do not miss out on providing the personal touch. 

While personalised customer experiences aren’t a new concept, their popularity has gone up manifolds in recent times. 

Today, when customers flock to digital platforms, expecting one-on-one engagement, personalised experiences seem to be winning over automated “chatbot-like” responses. 

Here an OTT platform comes to mind. This platform has revolutionised the entertainment industry by raising the standards of customisation. It recommends shows and movies based on the viewer’s interest—delivering exactly what modern-day customers now seek.

Suffice it to say, exclusive experiences are here to stay. Businesses can bid adieu to offering generalised services. 


Automation is undeniably the need of the hour. 

Personalisation, however, is equally critical to successful customer experience outcomes. Therefore, cloud telephony is the best-suited technology for contemporary customer needs.

It perfectly balances automation and personalisation and helps businesses grow. 

To learn more about how automation and personalisation is a perfect blend for your business, call us at  1800-120-4132