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How can You Outperform Your Competitors with Cloud Telephony?

loud telephony for Businesses

The competition in the business landscape is growing at a breakneck pace and survival is becoming tougher than ever. Unless you are far better than the rivals, you cannot expect to survive, sustain and grow. One aspect of running your business that you cannot afford to go slack with is communication. Communicating seamlessly with your customers, in fact, is the key to success because they are most likely to bounce off unless you are always there for them. Beyond the constant availability for customer support and receiving their feedback, it is also essential for building successful marketing campaigns. When it comes to arming your business with strong communication system, cloud telephony emerges as a winning technology. Let us know more about this technology and how it can help your business to stay ahead.

What is cloud telephony?

In simple words, cloud telephony is a powerful tool  which enables the automation of the phone system for your business. It is basically a technology which uploads the telephone system on the cloud so that you can easily manage all types of business calls without compromising on quality and cost. You need not make any additional capital expenditure for having a cloud telephony system in place and can easily set it up By availing these services, your business gets access to a range of products including:  

  • Virtual Number is a phone number which a business can use for mapping several other phone numbers
  • Toll-free number is a virtual number which enables callers to contact you without spending anything on the call
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) makes use of keypad tones and voice for routing your incoming calls according to the callers’ needs 
  • Distributed Call Center lets you to manage all the call centers of your business from one centralized location on the cloud
  • Bulk SMS enables you to send multiple text messages to multiple recipients, all at the same time

Now that you know the range of communication services you can get by relying on Cloud Telephony, you can well imagine its importance for your business. Let us now explain how it can boost your organization and take you far ahead of your competitors. 

How cloud telephony can give you a competitive advantage?

Without any doubt, cloud telephony is a smart investment for any business because it takes you one step ahead of the rivals. Here are the unmatched benefits that it offers.

Constant availability:

Customers have endless options these days and not being available for once means that they will instantly jump towards your competitors. Constant availability gets you ahead and this exactly what being on the cloud ensures. Your phone works even while you sleep, with an IVR being there to attend to your business calls around-the-clock. Further, you can rest assured that time zone or country does not make a difference and no call will go unattended. cloud telephony is also beneficial if you use a single telephone line because it involves a risk of missed calls or abandoned calls due to long waiting periods. With the cloud in action, you can route the call to an IVR and even take a call back request. 

Better customer service:

cloud telephony also offers certain features that can take your customer service to the next level. It can be used to integrate the IVR to a CRM system. With an IVR-integrated system in place, representatives can get access to the entire details of customers and their call history one location. This information can help them have personalized interactions with the customers, which obviously translates into higher levels of satisfaction. 

Easy and quick implementation:

Businesses appreciate cloud telephony because it is easy and quick to implement. Moreover, there is no need for installation of any hardware to have it up and running. Various phone systems are simply connected into the network and are all set to go. If there is a need for changes or repair, these can be handled by the provider remotely. You need not worry about having a professional visiting your location and setting things right. 

Immense cost savings:

Compared to the traditional hardware-based telephony system,cloud telephony system is far more cost effective. This also translates into cost-savings from the maintenance perspective as there is no physical set-up to look after. Small businesses and startups that are concerned about cost savings can derive instant benefits by embracing cloud telephony. The benefits for enterprise-grade businesses are obvious as well.

Extended reach:

If you want to give your business an extended reach, cloud telephony solutions become a mandatory investment. You have a single virtual number that works across multiple locations, local and global. Moreover, you have one system that covers all the locations. This enables you to save time and money. Even when you want to expand your global footprint by establishing a physical office in another location, you can easily extend your cloud system there without any hassles.

Effective promotional tool: 

Beyond just being an effective communication tool, cloud telephony serves as a powerful promotional tool as well. If your company wants to promote some exclusive offers or simply wants to fuel up a branding initiative, this technology can provide the backbone for such campaigns. It extends reliable support for sending across bulk voice calls to connect with the customers and share the offers or promote the brand. Cloud telephony, combined with IVR service, can be used for delivering recorded voice messages to multiple customers within only a few minutes.

Better management of marketing campaigns:

The smartest move for any business would be to invest more money in campaigns that yield higher Return on Investment. Cloud telephony can actually help you make productive decisions about your marketing budget and also allocate it for campaigns that are more likely to bring better results. Different virtual numbers can be assigned to different marketing campaigns and then be tracked in terms of the number of calls received for each of them. With this information, you can easily identify the campaigns that secure more leads and spend more on them.

Minimal risk of downtime:

Your business cannot afford downtime of even a few seconds if its operations are majorly phone-based. If your business is unavailable even for a second or two, customers could lose their trust in you and may even opt for your competitors. Moreover, you may end up damaging your customer relationships and reputation if it happens time and again in the long run. By collaborating with a reputed cloud telephony provider, you can rest assured about having very less or practically no downtime. Even if there is a problem, they have an arrangement of backup for running the system smoothly.

In a nutshell:

Cloud Telephony is a must-have for any business that wants to thrive in the competitive scenario, but everything boils down to the provider you choose. Look for a provider that offers services you can rely on. If you want to collaborate with one of the leading providers for Cloud Telephony India, Servetel is a name to trust. The cloud communication solutions we offer ensure a seamless and efficient communication between your business and its customers, which gives you the opportunity to stay ahead and consolidate your position there.

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