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What to Expect From Cloud Telephony in the Coming Times?

Cloud telephony for business

The ease and comfort of present times is testimony to the remarkable change different kinds of technology has brought into our lives. Cloud telephony, also known as hosted telephony is one such service that has added a whole new dimension to businesses. This is a voice and messaging service that was established to replace the traditional telephone equipment at businesses with voice over services from a third party.

The most important reason for the success of the cloud telephony system is that all communication applications and services are managed and controlled by a service provider. A large number of businesses have also started opting for cloud communication as it provides a significant reduction in costs. A leading management consulting firm has predicted that cloud telephony will be the next thing businesses invest in after getting a CRM. This statement itself gives an impressive idea of what the future of the cloud telephony system has in store for us.

The pointers listed below give a brief idea as to what to expect from cloud telephony in the coming years.

  • An asset for start-ups

Cloud communication is said to be the most beneficial for start-ups. Small businesses or startups are constantly on the look-out for new technologies that can elevate the experience of users and employees. The three primary advantages that cloud telephony offers are- affordability (considering that startups have scanty funds), scalability (this is because start-ups tend to grow and expand because of which they want to opt for a service that is not very difficult to upgrade) and reliability( a service outage is not affordable). Cloud telephony is expected to grow much more in the Indian market as people prefer communicating over voice instead of impersonal forms of communication like emails. This is also beneficial as this system works as a single point of contact for businesses, internally and externally, considering India’s demographics and geography.

Thus, cloud telephony system is said to become the driving tool for startups and small businesses in the coming years.

  • Business expansion without any constraint

Even though start-ups are taking over the market with their unique ideas, there are businesses running in every part of the country. People are trying to expand their businesses to remote villages as well as major metropolitan cities. Several companies have the product, vision, and experience to take their business to new heights but the costs of growth hold them back. Cloud telephony will prove to be the savior for these ambitious business ideas as it can serve as a single unified platform for a vast customer base. Whether it is a small family enterprise or big companies coming together, cloud communication is going to encourage people to implement and expand their business ideas without any restraint.

  • Multi-language support

Businesses and companies often think twice about taking their projects to different cities considering the geographical and language constraints. The world is all about diversity and only a system that caters to a diverse group of individuals can run well. Keeping this in mind, cloud telephony will be the answer to all such problems as it enables the calls to be diverted to a regional language specialist through call filtering and call flows which can help the customer in a more efficient way. This feature could have an added benefit in the Indian market considering the vast variety of languages that are spoken here.

  • A helping hand to government and its departments

Governmental departments are always facing a lack of funds, however, several efforts are being made to better the communication and engagement with citizens. Whether it’s creating applications or resorting to online mediums to provide a comfortable experience to people, the government is eager to adopt technologies that help them in this process. Cloud telephony by reducing costs and offering new channels for communication has improved public engagement and continues to do soMunicipal corporations, tax offices, electricity or other public service departments are constantly approached by consumers for assistance and aid. Thus, cloud communication offers a brilliant opportunity to improve and strengthen the government’s interaction with its citizens. Very often, traditional phone equipments and systems find it hard to run in remote districts or extremely crowded areas, however, cloud telephony faces no such challenge.

  • Betters the omnichannel experience

The present-day world is speedily moving towards omnichannel experience. The cloud telephony system is being used by a number of enterprises owing to the kind of positive change it offers in interacting with the customers. Companies interact with people on several platforms like applications, websites, etc. which poses a challenge for them. Customers are usually looking for a consistent experience which means that data from one point is combined with information from other customer contact sources to better their experience. This means that in the coming future, the customer’s telephone records stored on cloud will be combined with information from their social media, app feedbacks, etc to offer them a better experience which can eventually lead to a purchase. To help you understand the omnichannel experience and functioning,

  • Data analytics and machine to machine communication

The Internet of Things (IoT), also called machine to machine communication is gaining popularity across the world because of cloud telephony. This is based on the idea that smart devices and machines are given smart control with the help of mobile applications and websites. This also includes providing automated alerts and messages to users for these devices. Cloud telephony products like YOCC (your own contact centre) can provide automation through message alerts, missed calls or phone calls. For example, your car will alert you for its insurance expiry or your washing machine will inform you about its servicing. The aforementioned will be enabled by the data analytics gathered from IoT and thus, human intervention will be reduced significantly.

Cloud telephony’s flexibility and cost efficiency are improving employee and customer experience to a remarkable extent. Employees no longer have to arrive at a fixed place for work and can work from anywhere irrespective of the time and place. Having all the data secured in the cloud enhances this process. Needless to say, cloud telephony seems to be the future not just for business and enterprises but also for governmental agencies and departments.

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