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7 Ways Cloud Telephony can help Businesses Go Green

Ways cloud telephony can help businesses go green

Did you know that India recorded the highest air pollution exposure in the world in 2019?

The state of our environment is deteriorating by the day, to put it mildly. Globally also, resources are depleting by the day—painting a very bleak picture for the near future. This is more evident in energy-hungry economies like India.

There is an urgent need for coordinated and collected efforts on part of the governments, businesses, organisations and individuals. With the administration launching new schemes and initiatives to curb carbon emissions, businesses also need to find new ways to save resources.

They can do so by cutting down on their carbon footprint in numerous ways. However, they hesitate to incorporate these methods when it compromises on their profit or goals. 

But, what if there existed a technology that ensured sustained business growth, improved customer care services and cut down on energy consumption, all at once? Sounds too good to be true, right?

One technology, namely cloud telephony offers a one-stop solution to all our problems. It helps businesses enhance customer communication and experience, and drives revenue. At the same time, the technology enables businesses to save resources, reuse infrastructure and reduce energy consumption.

Here is an infographic to help you understand the various ways cloud telephony can aid in conservation efforts.

Infographic for the ways cloud telephony can help businesses go green

Reduce energy-intensive infrastructure

Traditional PBX systems require a high amount of electricity to function properly. Switching to cloud telephony completely eliminates the need for such infrastructure. Here, communication services are provided via the Internet and can be accessed through a minimalistic set-up. This practice substantially reduces overall electricity consumption for a business.

Eco-friendly marketing options

Traditional marketing campaigns are extremely resource-intensive. Practices like large banners, posters, newspaper adverts, door-to-door drives, etc. drastically increase the carbon footprint of a brand. Not only that, it is difficult to track the performance of such campaigns.

Advanced cloud telephony products like bulk SMSes, voice broadcasting, outbound IVR and missed call service not only widen your reach but also save resources. You can easily track progress and analyse which channels work the most through a user-friendly dashboard.

Cut down on electronic waste

India is the third-largest contributor to e-waste, with major contributions from commercial entities. Traditional communication system entails the use of wires, landlines, routers, etc. These not only require substantial initial investment but also call for regular maintenance expenses.

Cloud telephony offers enhanced communication with a simpler set-up. All an agent needs is an Internet connection and a smart device. Timely maintenance by the service provider and quality of products ensure longevity. Therefore, it allows businesses to reduce e-waste.

Readily scale communication operations

Since businesses heavily rely on their communications for growth, they should be prepared for any sudden changes in the number of customer queries or calls. Unlike cloud telephony, a traditional PBX system does not offer a convenient method for the same.

Scaling communication channels requires the procurement of new infrastructure which quickly becomes redundant once the demand reduces. This is both time, money and energy-intensive.

Cloud telephony on the other hand facilitates swift changes wherein the service provider readily changes communication lines as per demand.

Helps switch to renewable sources

Using renewable sources of energy is one of the best ways to reduce carbon footprint. However, it is difficult to power heavy machinery like that used for on-premise PBX solely by alternate energy sources.

As we learnt, a switch to cloud telephony reduces the overall electricity consumption for a business. Hence, this allows an easier transition to renewable sources of electricity.

Facilitates hybrid working model

Running a fully staffed workspace is expensive. Several daily activities demand high electricity consumption, increasing the carbon footprint by the hour. Fossil fuels are spent on the daily commute, client meetings, appointments, etc.

A hybrid-working model can economise the use of the said resources. Businesses can leverage cloud telephony for remote working and cut down on unnecessary usage of office resources and travel.

Incorporate a paperless working model

Many offices still rely on paper-based communications for their day-to-day coordination and operations. Often, several copies are made of the same document leading to wastage.

Cloud telephony products like IVR, call notes and bulk SMSes offer an easy way to rectify this practice and improve both internal and external communications.


We hope this infographic helped you understand the various ways cloud telephony can help your business go green. There is an urgent need to understand the importance of a sustainable business model and make swift changes to implement the same.

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