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What is Click to Call and Why It is Important for Your Business?

Click to Call for Business

Success of any business is directly proportional to the omnipresence of its communication channels. However, the choice of communication channel differs across consumers. Some consumers prefer using digital communication channels, while others call a business directly and prefer talking to a real human.

60% of customers these days prefer resolving simple customer service issues on their own using self-service options provided by business’s website, mobile app, or IVR system.  However, 40% of consumers prefer talking to a real human on phone while resolving complex customer service issues. Likewise, 39% of customers call a business directly when they are ready to make a purchase or transaction.

As a web-based communication technology, click to call enables customers to call a business and talk to a real human simply by clicking on a specific image, button, text or hyperlink. Most businesses these days embed click to call option in their websites, mobile apps, digital ads, and ad landing pages to enable customers to request a callback. The option allows consumers to communicate with a business/brand at zero cost by requesting a callback.

Here are 6 reasons why businesses must embed click to call option in their websites/portals.

1. Minimize Customer Effort

While evaluating user experience of their products/services, businesses use customer effort score (CES) as a key metric. The consumer service metric helps businesses to measure customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty. The click to call solutions help businesses to improve CES in a number of ways.

They allow the website visitor to communicate with a business simply by clicking on a link, button, or image. The visitor is not required to remember the business’s phone number, interact with an IVR system or wait in long call queues. However, it is always important for the business to focus on improving customer service quality.

2. Receive More Orders and Inquiries

The aforementioned online survey conducted by Ipsos suggests that 39% call a business when they are looking specifically to make a purchase or transaction. However, each caller wants to call a business directly without putting extra time and effort.

The customers can request the callback without remembering the telephone number and dialing the telephone number manually. Hence, click to call helps online businesses to receive more orders and inquiries, along with increasing incoming call volume.

3. Promote Customer Loyalty

A business cannot persuade customers to come back and recommend without delivering superior customer service. Likewise, it cannot prevent customers from switching brands and ending business relationships without improving customer service experience consistently. A click to call service helps businesses to deliver superior customer service in a number of ways.

Customers can use the option to resolve product/service issues simply by requesting a callback. Hence, They are not required to use the self-service options provided by IVR system or wait for talking to a live agent. The improvement in customer service delivery will help businesses to improve customer service experience consistently.

4. Contact Customers at the Right Time

The sophisticated click to call solutions allow customers to request or schedule callbacks. These options Click to call enables customers to collect information or resolve issues by avoiding long call queues and long waiting time. The callback scheduling option further helps businesses to contact customers at their preferred time.

A business can easily boost customer experience and increase conversion rates by providing customers with the relevant information at the most appropriate time. Also, the callback scheduling option enables businesses to deliver customer service efficiently without increasing incoming call volume.

5. Minimize Missed Sales Opportunities

A business need to deploy extra agents or employees to meet the callback requests received from website visitors. However, the agents will help the business to generate more revenue and increase conversion rate by converting the leads into customers. Also, the callback scheduling option enables businesses to receive callback requests beyond business hours.

While configuring the click to call solution, the managers can request the website visitors to schedule the callback during the off hours. The option will enable employees to convert leads into customers by providing relevant information. It helps businesses to ensure that no sales opportunity is missed or lost.

6. Track and Record Every Call

The click to call services help businesses receive more orders and inquiries by allowing customers to communicate free of cost. Also, the sophisticated solutions help businesses to gain informational insights by facilitating collection, analysis and reporting on incoming call data. The managers can understand the needs and expectations of customers by generating personalised reports based on real-time call data.

Also, the cloud-based click to call solutions record every incoming call automatically. The mangers to listen to and assess the recorded conversations to identify the measures required to boost lead conversion. Also helps in scrutinizing the ROI from any campaign


As a digital communication technology, click to call helps businesses to generate more leads and receive more orders and inquiries. A business can enable customers to request a callback by embedding click to call in its website, mobile apps, ad landing page, and digital ads. It also boosts customer experience and satisfaction and does not require much investment.

Implementing a click to call solution provides added advantage to businesses without putting burden on the pockets. Call us at 1800-120-4132  and get started today.