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Number masking benefits and use cases

Number Masking: What, Where and How

Privacy can no longer be taken for granted. From a call to a pizza delivery company to tip-off helplines, citizens are growing more wary about their personal information with every

Cloud telephony for business

What to Expect From Cloud Telephony in the Coming Times?

The ease and comfort of present times is testimony to the remarkable change different kinds of technology has brought into our lives. Cloud telephony, also known as hosted telephony is

IVR empower businesses with better ROI (Return On Investment)

How IVR Number Can Empower Your Business With Better ROI

Over the years, businesses have realized the value of embracing innovative technology solutions for enhancing their operations and achieving growth objectives. Solutions that were once considered frivolous are now becoming

Understand what are toll free numbers and how do they work

Overview: Toll Free Number

In the era of instant gratification, connectivity with your customers is perhaps the most significant aspect of running a business successfully. It becomes all the more important to be always

Virtual phone numbers help entrepreneurs reach success

Why Indian Entrepreneurs Rely on Virtual Phone Number

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. The rule of thumb does not apply just to you but also your startup. The Indian market is getting

Missed call solution for business

How A Missed Call Solution Can Spell A New Beginning For Your Business

Running a business successfully includes establishing a seamless connection with your customers. When it comes to finding innovative ways to connect with the audience, missed call solutions definitely emerge as