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Why Build an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Servetel

Build IVR with Servetel

According to a New Voice Media report , “Poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion a year.

Most customers these days abandon or switch brands due to poor customer service experience. On the other hand, many customers make additional purchases from companies that provide positive customer service experience. Hence, no business can remain profitable in the long run without delivering superior customer service.

Businesses from various industries use interactive voice response (IVR) to improve customer satisfaction by accelerating customer service delivery. The self-service options provided by the IVR system allow customers to collect information, accomplish routine tasks, and resolve customer service issues without talking to a live agent. However, customers also have the option to resolve their issues by directly talking to a live agent instead of using self-service options if they wish so.

The IVR solution directly impacts call abandonment rate and customer satisfaction rating. That is why; each business needs an IVR system that delivers customer service proactively and improves customer satisfaction continuously. Servetel has already helped businesses from various sectors to build customized and customer-friendly IVR systems. We keep the IVR solutions easy to customize and extend by leveraging cloud telephony technologies.

The IVR solutions provided by Servetel are equipped with the features that make call-handling seamless. At the same time, our design goal emphasizes on enabling customers to accomplish the desired task in a quick, simple and straightforward way.

Your business can always consider building an IVR system with Servetel to deliver superior customer service and improve customer satisfaction.

10 Ways IVR Built by Servetel Help Your Business to Improve Customer Satisfaction

1.Answer Incoming Calls 24/7

The IVR solutions designed by Servetel helps your business to automate customer service delivery and reduce customer service cost using auto-attendant options. The auto-attendant options answer every incoming call automatically and provide the caller with a detailed menu structure. Your business can further take advantage of the feature to deliver customer service 24 hours a day and manage the surge in incoming call volume without deploying extra live agents, thus cutting down cost.

2. Keep Self-Service Options to Minimum

A large percentage of callers abandon an IVR solution if the prompts are ambiguous and the menu structure is complicated. We make it a point that our customers remain free from this problem while designing an IVR. We believe that it is important for a successful IVR system to let customers accomplish the desired tasks quickly and swiftly. Thus, in addition to minimizing self-service options, we emphasize on keeping the prompts clear and precise.

3. Prioritise the Self-Service Options

In addition to keeping the self-service options precise, Servetel emphasizes on prioritising the options according to customer preference. The feature helps enable the callers to collect information or resolve issues without navigating through an additional menu. For instance, if your business is using the IVR solution for bill payment automation, Servetel ensures that the caller can pay the bills within seconds by navigating through the system using the self-help options.

4. Maximize First Call Resolution

Your business cannot boost customer service experience without emphasizing on first call resolution. It needs an IVR solution that resolves customer service issues on the first call or attempt by redirecting every incoming call to the best-suited department or agent. The IVR solution provided by Servetel supports skill-based call routing. The feature helps your business to improve customer satisfaction by routing the incoming calls to the most appropriate agent.

5. Make the IVR Sound like a Real Agent

While using self-service options, many customers expect the IVR solution to sound like a live agent. Servetel helps your business to make the IVR sound like a live agent by deploying professional voice over professionals. The professionals maintain a natural conversational tone while recording messages and prompts. However, they keep the IVR simple by combining friendly tone and user-friendly language. Also, they make it easier for the caller to press the right key by maintaining pauses between consecutive self-service options.

6. Deliver Personalized Customer Service

The IVR systems built by Servetel facilitate customer service personalization in a number of ways. You can integrate the IVR system with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system impeccable. The integration will enable live agents to access the relevant customer data required to personalize customer interaction while answering incoming calls. Also, the IVR system can keep customers engaged by identifying the customer by their telephone numbers.

7. Explain Errors Elaborately

Servetel keeps the IVR solution user-friendly by describing the self-service options clearly and precisely. But a business cannot eliminate chances of errors that prevent the customer from selecting the right menu option or submit relevant input. While designing the IVR solution, Servetel ensures that each error is explained in a clear and elaborate way. The elaborate description helps the caller to understand the error and submit the accurate input. For example in case of an undefined input.

8. Understand Customer Needs and Expectations

The trends in customer service change at frequent intervals. Identifying and adapting to emerging trends is a necessity to provide adequate customer service. For this, Servetel provides call recording and call monitoring features. It records every incoming call automatically in HD format, along with allowing the concerned supervisors to listen to live calls. The supervisor can easily understand customer needs and changing trends by reviewing the recorded and live calls on a regular basis.

9. Ensure Error Free Customer Service

The IVR systems developed by Servetel come with two unique features, call whispering and call barging features. These features enable the concerned person to join the ongoing conversation between an agent and a customer without the customer on call knowing about it. This helps businesses in not only monitoring live calls but also in refraining from any miscommunication between the agent and the caller. These features also make the on-job training of the agents smoother and less cumbersome.

10. Assess Customer Service Quality

Your business must keep in place a robust strategy to measure and improve customer service quality on a regular basis. Servetel helps your business to make customer service measurement an ongoing process by conducting post call IVR surveys. The IVR system can conduct the audio based survey and collect customer feedback automatically after the customer has accomplished the desired task. The customer feedback will help your business to boost IVR experience and meet customer expectations.


In this competitive era of business, one needs to focus on customer experience to stay ahead of the crowd. IVRs are a one-stop solution for business owners looking for ways to improve their call abandonment rates, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. Equipping a business with cloud-hosted IVR as provided by Servetel, further adds to the benefits by reducing the infrastructural and operational cost. Thus, IVR systems become a must-have for businesses as they help deliver flawless customer service without adding to the burden on the pockets.

Build your IVR with us. Call us at 1800-120-4132 to start your free trial today.

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