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How Auto Attendants Have Revamped Customer Care

auto attendants

The very first interaction between a business and its customers is usually through a phone call. Hence, it becomes imperative for enterprises to have a professional and sophisticated phone system to make sure that each interaction is as efficient as possible.

Nonetheless, a lot of customers faces difficulties while trying to reach out to a business through the call. A large percentage of these customers get frustrated and abandon the call when their issues are not solved even after repeated attempts.

In such a situation, the auto attendant comes to their rescue and acts as a virtual receptionist. It takes the input of the customers and directs them to the most appropriate department based on their query. This article focuses on the crucial aspects of auto attendants and explains how businesses can benefit from this excellent technology.

What Is Auto Attendant?

An auto attendant refers to a telephony system that functions without the intervention of a human operator. It considers the instructions of callers and routes incoming calls to various extensions. Also known as a virtual receptionist, the majority of the auto attendants can direct calls to other extensions, mobile phones, landline phones, and other devices.

Incoming callers are presented with an optimised menu list to which they respond by providing numeric inputs with their telephone keypads. In this way, every input of the user is taken, and the corresponding output is generated by the system. However, if the caller fails to answer within the predetermined period, the call would either be terminated by the auto attendant or it would be directed to a human operator through IVR.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an advanced form of auto attendant, accepts instructions from voice telephone input and tone keypad selection simultaneously and provides relevant responses. The technology is widely utilised in customer care helpline, government agencies, and other institutions. It facilitates communication with clients and fosters connection.

Moreover, the auto attendant provides callers with relevant information such as location, business hours, and much more. A virtual auto attendant helps customers deal with the issues they are facing by connecting them to the right person on the phone. By getting customers in touch with the correct department, auto attendants enable businesses to function more efficaciously. Therefore, the technology saves time for your customers and enterprise simultaneously.

What Are the Benefits of Auto Attendant?

Plenty of customers find the age-old traditional customer service to be extremely inefficient. A lot of businesses are switching to auto attendants to enhance customer service and provide clients with a better experience. Here are some of the most notable benefits of auto attendants.

1. Reduce the Number of Missed Calls

No matter what time it is, calls are a continuous process. If the calls are missed or not answered, most of the callers are unlikely to call back. Thus, it is essential to ensure that every call is answered. Even when there are no employees to respond, auto attendants help reduce the number of missed calls by attending all the calls in the first place.

2. Saves A Great Deal of Money

When it comes to hiring a receptionist, businesses have to spend considerable money. On the other hand, an auto attendant can save a great deal of money for your business. You need not be concerned since an auto attendant can replace receptionists and it is available 24/7 to provide the customers with solutions. The calls are routed to the right department, and overall productivity is enhanced by an automated IVR system.

3. Provides Consistent Experience

It is next to impossible for a call to be attended by the same person all the time. There are possibilities that the call may not be answered, ends up in voicemail. This issue can only be solved by a virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionist handles all the call consistently without any voice alteration providing a consistent experience to customers which is crucial to building long term relationships.

4. Customisable Content

The best thing about auto attendants is that they allow you to customise your content to be as per the customer need and business context. Everything from personalised greetings to menu options is easily customisable.

5. Gives A More Professional Image to Business

The image of your business is the most critical factor that determines where you stand in the industry. An auto attendant gives a more professional and legitimate image to your enterprise. If a potential customer connects with your business through a phone call, an auto attendant can leave a great impression on his/her mind and pave the way for profitable relationships.


A large number of enterprises all over the world make use of automated attendants to fulfil their customer care requirements efficiently — for instance, an online shopping application having an auto attendant to handle the customers through their IVR.

With the assistance of automated technology, the unique demands of various customers can be devised in the best way possible. The input of the customer could be in the preferred language of customers. The solution to the problem will either be provided by self-help options which fetch the answers directly from the database, or it will be taken care of by customer service representatives.

Another real-world example could be a simple food order. The inputs provided are residence address, nearest landmark, telephone number, and other required information which will be used by the computer to route your call to the most designated department.


Auto attendant is a remarkable enterprise-level feature which has undoubtedly revamped customer care. If you want to set up an auto attendant for your business, you should opt for a cloud telephony system. Unlike traditional phone lines, these phone systems function over the cloud which helps cut down on unnecessary costs and facilitates the implementation of the various features of auto attendant. However, it is also possible to implement an auto attendant even if your enterprise has a conventional PBX phone system, but you might need additional help or assistance from your provider to regulate the system. Once you have made your mind for cloud telephony system, all you have to do is choose a plan to start enjoying the numerous benefits of auto attendant.

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