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use cases of ivr

How Different Industries Are Using IVR Solution

Do you have to communicate with customers and answer the same set of questions regularly? If yes, then Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is what your business needs. Interactive Voice Response

Guide to IVR

Beginner’s Guide to IVR

Irrespective of your organisations size and the industry, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) caters to every type of business perfectly. Besides providing a communication platform, it has proved to be a

Understanding the TRAI Guidelines that Govern Mobile Number Portability

Understanding the TRAI Guidelines that Govern Mobile Number Portability

India is a massive country with a diverse population and a vast user base of mobile devices and networks. With the market offering such immense potential, it isn’t surprising that

What is IVR number

The A to Z of IVR Number

Customer service plays a critical role in the success of a business. Excellent customer experience can drive retention and give your organisation a competitive advantage. When it comes to meeting

Toll Free Solution

Toll-Free Solution: An Asset for Healthcare Industry

When visiting a hospital or a clinic, one is bound to think over the long line of people waiting to book an appointment. In today’s time, one can book their

Toll Free Number

Brand Your Business with Toll Free Number

With any business, branding is a major factor for success. Because brand name sells itself.  The thing common with all brands, irrespective of industry, is observed from the quality of