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Top 6 Best Call Routing Strategies for Your Business

Call routing is an efficient way to handle incoming calls and enhance customer interactions. It is useful for cutting down on unnecessary costs associated with a call centre and providing customers with prompt service. Call routing defines how calls are distributed to available and experienced agents by the Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) technology of a call […]

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Everything You Need to Know About First Call Resolution

Customer satisfaction is—or at least should be—the ultimate goal of every business. Certainly, it is one of the keys to success and, therefore, it makes business sense to focus on improving it. Imagine a scenario where a customer calls your call centre to resolve an issue. Often they have to navigate a robotic IVR system […]

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5 Reasons BFSI Businesses Should Embrace Hosted Call Centre Software

The State of Global Customer Service Report by Microsoft has some interesting statistics on customer experience: 58% of consumers consider customer service as a leading factor affecting the choice of a brand. 61% of consumers stopped transacting with a brand after an unsatisfactory service experience. 59% of consumers expect better customer support than they did a […]

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The Role of Modern IVR system in Call Centers

The marketplace has long shifted from a product-centric landscape to that focussing on services. In simpler terms, it’s all about customer satisfaction. A happy customer ensures repeated sales, word-of-mouth recommendation, and a bright brand image overall. The key to a positive experience is efficiency, and that’s where IVR system steps in. IVR or Interactive Voice […]

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What Effects will Speech Recognition have on Call Centers?

ASR, or Automatic Speech Recognition, combines the realm of computer science, linguistics and electrical engineering to deliver an enriching tool for communication and business insights. Today, combined with deep learning and big data, ASR engines can seamlessly translate the spoken word into text transcripts. Whether you’re a freshly-minted agent or are placed higher up on […]

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